Overview 2019

11 March 2019

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Cladding tubes and their properties

Energy and Environment Research Using Neutrons Nuclear Power Plant Safety

In the Nuclear Energy and Safety Research Division at PSI, Johannes Bertsch focuses on the so-called cladding tubes that are used in nuclear power plants.

28 February 2019

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Children are her passion

Media Releases Medical Science Human Health Proton Therapy

At PSI, Beate Timmermann built up a programme providing proton therapy for children with cancer at the same time she was raising her own son. Today she is head of the Clinic for Particle Therapy at the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE) and is considered one of the most accomplished experts in this field.

15 February 2019

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Watching electrons and switching bits on

Energy and Environment Research Using Neutrons Research Using Synchrotron Light Materials Research Matter and Material Micro- and Nanotechnology Industrial co-operation

Electronics should get smaller, faster, and above all more energy-efficient. These themes are also present in several research groups at PSI. From incremental improvements to complete rethinking – who is currently working on what?

1 February 2019

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Virtual lens improves X-ray microscopy

Media Releases Matter and Material Research Using Synchrotron Light

A method developed by PSI researchers makes X-ray images of materials even better. The researchers took a number of individual images while moving an optical lens. From these, with the help of computer algorithms, they generated one overall image.

30 January 2019

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Now it's time for something new

Matter and Material Research Using Muons Research Using Neutrons Research Using Synchrotron Light Materials Research SwissFEL

If you make electronic components smaller, they unfortunately get hotter. Also, we will soon reach the limit of technically feasible miniaturisation. At PSI, Gabriel Aeppli and Christian Rüegg are working on fundamentally new, physical solutions for better computers and data storage devices.

14 January 2019

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Measurement of five flashes from the depths of the universe

Media Releases Matter and Material

A PSI-developed detector called POLAR has collected data on so-called gamma-ray bursts from a space station. This is now helping to better understand these extremely high-energy flashes of light.