Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Spring Semester 2016

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
22.09.16 WHGA/001 Pasquale di Bari Why are we living in a matter (and not anti-matter) dominated Universe? University of Southampton M. Ghezzi Abstract
29.09.16 WHGA/001   no colloquium      
06.10.16 WHGA/001 Gerhard Buchalla New Physics in the Higgs Sector - An Effective Theory Approach LMU Munich M. Pruna Abstract
13.10.16 OSGA/EG06   no colloquium      
20.10.16 WHGA/001   no colloquium (PSI2016)      
27.10.16 WHGA/001 Per Osland An extended Higgs Sector University of Bergen M. Pruna Abstract
03.11.16 WHGA/001 Alexander Lenz Flavour Physics 2016 - Quo vadis? Durham University M. Pruna Abstract
10.11.16 OSGA/EG06 Thorsten Schumm Towards a nuclear clock with Thorium-229 TU Vienna M. Ghezzi Abstract
17.11.16 WBGB/019 Laura Baudis Direct detection of dark matter in the Milky Way University of Zurich M. Ghezzi Abstract
24.11.16 OSGA/EG06 Aldo Deandrea Searching for a lighter Higgs University of Lyon M. Pruna Abstract
01.12.16 WHGA/001 Robert Eichler Superheavy Element Chemistry Research in Switzerland PSI M. Ghezzi Abstract
08.12.16 OSGA/EG06 Constantia Alexandrou Highlights of recent Lattice QCD Results University of Cyprus M. Pruna Abstract
15.12.16 WHGA/001 Alexander Merle Subtleties in Lepton Flavour and Number Violation: The Truth Nobody Dares to Tell You MPP Munich M. Pruna Abstract