Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Spring Semester 2016

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
25.02.16 WHGA/001          
03.03.16 WHGA/001          
10.03.16 WHGA/001 Thomas Elias Cocolios A new Perspective on Charge Radii of Heavy Nuclei around Z=82 KU Leuven M. Ghezzi Abstract
17.03.16 WHGA/001 Klaus Blaum Fundamental Tests of Nature with Cooled and Stored Exotic Ions MPI Heidelberg M. Pruna Abstract
07.04.16 WHGA/001 Stephan Ulamec Philae: First Landing on a Comet DLR Cologne M. Pruna Abstract
14.04.16 WHGA/001 Angela Papa The mu+ -> e+ gamma Decay Search with the full Dataset of the MEG Experiment PSI M. Spira Abstract
21.04.16 WHGA/001 Alexander Altland Universality in Quantum Chaos Cologne University M. Pruna Abstract
28.04.16 OSGA/E06 Günther Dissertori The Needle in the Haystack or an Elephant in the Room? Searches for New Physics at the LHC ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
12.05.16 WHGA/001 Jordy De Vries Electric Dipole Moments and the Search for new CP Violation NIKHEF M. Ghezzi Abstract
19.05.16 WHGA/001 Thomas Klinger The long way to steady state fusion plasmas - the superconducting stellarator device Wendelstein 7-X MPI Greifswald M. Ghezzi Abstract
02.06.16 WHGA/001 M. Kobel A Mechanical Model for 3-Flavor Neutrino Oscillations TU Dresden M. Pruna Abstract