Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Spring Semester 2017

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
23.02.17 WBGB/019 A. Teixeira Lepton Flavour Violation: Gateways to New Physics LPC Clermont M. Pruna Abstract
02.03.17 OSGA/EG06 E. Salumbides Exploring exotic Physics with simple Molecules Vrije Uni Amsterdam M. Ghezzi Abstract
09.03.17 WHGA/001 J. Hangst Illuminating Antimatter: The ALPHA Antihydrogen Experiment at CERN Aarhus University M. Pruna Abstract
16.03.17 WHGA/001 R. Pohl Shrinking the Proton - Laser Spectroscopy for Nuclear Physics and fundamental Constants MPQ Garching M. Spira Abstract
23.03.17 WHGA/001 C. Smorra Challenging the Standard Model by High-Precision Comparisons of the Fundamental Properties of the Antiproton and the Proton RIKEN M. Pruna Abstract
30.03.17 WHGA/001 G. Colangelo A Dispersive Approach to the Hadronic Light-By-Light Contribution to (g-2)_mu Bern University M. Pruna Abstract
06.04.17 WHGA/001          
27.04.17 OSGA/EG06 A. Di Piazza QED with strong laser fields MPI Heidelberg M. Pruna Abstract
04.05.17 WHGA/001 A. David Higgs couplings fit CERN M. Spira Abstract
11.05.17 WHGA/001 F. Deppisch 0nu2beta Th. UCL M. Pruna Abstract
18.05.17 WHGA/001 L. Gastaldo 0nu2beta Exp. Heidelberg University M. Ghezzi Abstract
01.06.17 WHGA/001 T. Kappeler Maths Zurich University M. Pruna Abstract