Particle Theory Seminar

It is organized by the Theory Group of the Laboratory for Particle Physics (LTP) at PSI.

Contact: Giovanni Marco Pruna,, WHGA/132, Tel +41 56 310 3660.

The next seminar will take place on

Thursday, 26 January 2017 at 11:30 in room WBGB/021

Dominik Stöckinger (TU Dresden)

Higgs boson mass: the quest for precise predictions in SUSY models

Abstract: An important feature of supersymmetric (SUSY) models is that the mass of the SM-like Higgs boson can be predicted as a function of the SUSY spectrum. This allows stringent tests of SUSY models. However, the precision of current theory predictions is far worse than the precision of the LHC Higgs mass measurement. The talk first presents an overview of two general approaches to Higgs mass calculations in SUSY models: fixed-order and effective-field-theory type calculations. It then presents a novel approach, which combines virtues of the two general approaches. The novel approach is called FlexibleEFTHiggs and has been implemented in FlexibleSUSY for a variety of SUSY models, including the MSSM, the NMSSM, and the R-symmetric MRSSM. The talk discusses in detail the pros and cons of all approaches, the contributions which are taken into account/neglected, and it discusses methods to estimate the theory uncertainty of the existing calculations.

The following list contains the talks scheduled in the past four years:
Date Speaker Title Institute Place
26.01.17 D. Stöckinger Higgs boson mass: the quest for precise predictions in SUSY models TU Dresden Thursday 11:30, WBGB/021
16.12.16 T. Geib Conversion of Bound Muons: Lepton Flavour and Number Violation MPI Munich Friday 11:00, WHGA/121
28.11.16 O. Fischer Testing the origin of neutrino masses at future high-energy colliders Basel Monday 11:00, WBGB/21
14.11.16 A. Greljo R(D*) anomaly and its implications for LHC UZH Monday 11:00, WHGA/121
19.11.14 G. Luisoni NLO Computations with GoSam: from LHC to muon decay MPI Munich Wednesday 10:30, WBGB/020
11.02.14 C. Ji Nuclear polarization effects in muonic atoms TRIUMF Tuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
03.12.13 M. Pruna The impact of dimension 6 effective vertices in LFV muonic transitions PSI Tuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
26.11.13 T. Robens Higgs Singlet extension in the light of the LHC discovery TU Dresden Tuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
15.10.13 R. Gröber Vector-like fermions in Composite Higgs Models ITP - Karlsruhe Thursday 11:30, WBGB/020
17.09.13 J. Diaz Lorentz symmetry breaking: phenomenology and experiments Indiana Tuesday 11:30, WBGB/019
30.07.13 M. Pospelov Low-energy constraints on muon and tau neutral current parity-violating processes Perimeter Tuesday 11:30, WBGB/019
13.12.12 S. Plätzer Matching, merging and all that DESY Thursday 11:30, WBGB/021
06.12.12 A. Carmona New Production Mechanism for Composite Higgs at the LHC ETHZ Thursday 11:30, WBGB/021
22.10.12 E. Popenda Korrekturen nächst-führender Ordnung in supersymmetrischer QCD zur Squark-Paarproduktion am LHC Karlsruhe/PSI Monday 14:30, WBGB/021
11.09.12 L. Hosekova Corrections to the Production of Two Leptons Pairs via Vector-Boson Fusion at LHC Valencia Tuesday 11:30, WBGA/B16