News & Events

- We organized the Physics of fundamental Symmetries and Interactions workshop at PSI, PSI2016, 16-20 October 2016
- In the news: the nEDM experiment at PSI - read here
- We co-organize the Fundamental Neutron Physics Summer School 2015, Tennessee, 14-20 June. Website
- nEDM Collaboration Meeting at Universite de Fribourg, Fribourg 15-17 January 2015.
collab-fribourg2015s-a.JPG collab-fribourg2015s-b.JPG collab-fribourg2015s-c.JPG collab-fribourg2015s-d.JPG
- nEDM2014 World-wide experimental search for the neutron EDM, Ascona 2-6 November 2014. Website
Ascona2014-1.JPG Ascona2014-2.JPG Ascona2014-3.JPG Ascona2014-4.JPG
- nEDM Collaboration Meeting at Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie, Grenoble, 3-5 April 2014.
collaboration 4 2014-001.jpg
- nEDM Collaboration Meeting at Jagiellonian University, Collegium Maius, Krakow, July 1-3 2013.
coll Jul13s.JPG
- Our UCN ski team explores (ultra)cold conditions in a Flumserberg expedition, March 7th 2013.
ucn-ski-team-1s.JPG ucn-ski-team-2s.JPG ucn-ski-team-3s.JPG ucn-ski-team-4s.JPG
- nEDM Review Meeting at the Paul Scherrer Institut, February 21st 2013.
- nEDM Collaboration Meeting at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, January 5-7 2012.