Electronics Education and Service Pool

(OG 3208 & 1381) The Electronics Education and Service Pool ( Elektronik Berufsbildungs- und Dienst-leistungs-Pool, EBDP ) is working in close collaboration with the "Electronics for Measuring Systems" Group (OG 3205) in the Laboratory of Particle Physics:

In fulfilling basic educational obligations EBDP is offering Vocational Trainings: up to two years to learn the basics in the field of Electronics for 6 different professions in our Vocational Training Courses and two more years of education and trainings for those young persons specializing themselves in Electronics.

We have to reach a very high level of knowledge within the basic training courses during the first two years in order to get this apprentices well prepared for the two final years of training in the various PSI research departments. Among other aspects, this is well reflected by the visual success in the professional championships.

The basic training courses are designed with a mainly practical orientation. We are covering all the lawfully required and institute-specific learning goals. Furthermore we are producing, testing and delivering to PSI projects as many electronic modules and units as possible.