The Laboratory for Thermal-Hydraulics is involved in several national and international projects focusing on ...

Air oxidation modeling
ARTIST (AeRosol Trapping In the Steam generaTor)
BSAF (Benchmark Study of the Accident at Fukushima)
CESAM (Code for European Severe Accident Management)
CNHT, Cold Neutron Heated Tomography
ERCOSAM, EuRopean program for COntainment thermal-hydraulics of current and future LWRs for Severe Accident Management
EMUG (European Melcor User Group)
FCVS (Filtered Containment Venting System)
GEMIX, GEneric MIXing experiment
HTR, Simulation of granular flow and dust production in a pebble bed reactor
HYMERS, HYdrogen Mitigation Experiments for REactor Safety
Iodine and Aerosol Retention in Water Pools
LINX, Thin liquid film dynamics in a condensing and re-evaporating environment
Particle break-up upon impaction
Particle depletion in a differentially heated Cavity
PASSAM (Passive and Active Systems towards enhanced Severe Accident source term Mitigation)
OECD/NEA PSI Benchmark
PRECISE (Precise REflux Condensation Investigation SEtup)
SBO (Station BlackOut) Simulations with MELCOR
SFP (Spent Fuel Pool) activities
SGTR (Steam Generator Tube Rupture)
THINS, Thermal-Hydraulics of Innovative Nuclear Systems
TWOFAST, Fast neutron and fast data acquisition