AROBE, Adiabatic ROd Bundle Experiments
CNHT, Cold Neutron Heater Tomography
DRAGON, DiveRse purpose Aerosol GeneratiON facility
FLORIS, FLow in the LOwer head and RISer
GEMIX, GEneric MIXing facility
HOMER/GAMILO, HOrizontal Mixing Experiment in a Rectangular channel/GAs MIxing LOop
LINX, Large scale Investigation of Natural circulation and miXing
PANDA, Multi-purpose Test-Facility
PRECISE, Precise REflux Condensation Investigation SEtup
SUBFLOW, SUB-channel FLOW test facility
T_Junction, Coolant flow test facility
TRISTAN, Tube Rupture In STeAm geNerator multi-phase flow investigation facility
TWOFAST, Fast Neutron and Fast data acquisition
VEFITA, VEnting FIlTer Assessment facility