High-Flux Solar Simulator (HFSS)

PSI’s High-Flux Solar Simulator (HFSS) consists of an array of 10 xenon arc lamps. It is capable of delivering over 50 kW of radiative power at a peak radiative flux exceeding 11,000 suns (11 MW/m2). This facility closely approximates the radiative heat transfer characteristics of highly concentrating solar systems, e.g. solar towers and dishes that are applied commercially for large-scale power generation.

The 10 xenon arc lamps can be operated individually and the electrical power adjusted for variation of the radiative heat flux. A Venetian-blind shutter provides fine-grained control of the radiative power input. The radiative flux is measured using a calibrated CCD camera to record the image on a water-cooled Lambertian target.

The solar simulator is a unique facility that allows much flexibility and control over experiments for attaining reproducible results and examining various facets of solar thermochemical processes at high temperatures (up to 3000 K) and high heating rates (up to 1000 K/s).
Technical information:
A 50-kW 11,000-suns novel high-flux solar simulator based on an array of Xenon arc lamps
Petrasch J., Coray P., Meier A., Brack M., Haeberling P., Wuillemin D., Steinfeld A.
J. Solar Energy Eng., 129 (4), 405-411 (2007)