High-Flux Solar Furnace (HFSF)

PSI’s High-Flux Solar Furnace (HFSF) consists of a sun-tracking flat heliostat on-axis with a fixed parabolic concentrator. It is capable of delivering up to 40 kW of solar thermal power at a peak solar concentration ratio of 5000 suns (1 sun = 1 kW/m2). Higher concentrations are attainable by using secondary concentrators (CPC).

The concentrated solar flux is measured optically by a calibrated CCD camera that records the sun’s image on a water-cooled Lambertian target. A Venetian-blind shutter regulates the solar power input. All operational parameters, including data acquisition of temperatures, pressures and mass flow rates, as well as online gas analysis and heliostat, experimental platform and shutter settings, are remotely controlled. The solar thermal power level of 5-10 kW, with mean flux concentration of 3500 suns over a 60 mm aperture is well suited for solar receiver/reactor technology development and optimization.
Technical information:
A New High-Flux Solar Furnace for High-Temperature Thermochemical Research
Haueter P., Seitz T., Steinfeld A.
ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Vol. 121, pp. 77-80 (1999)