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EU STAGE-STE Scientific and Technological Alliance for Guaranteeing the European Excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy Details 2014 - 2018 Christian Wieckert

Solar facilities for the European research area Details 2009 - 2017 Christian Wieckert

(Solar ERA-NET)
Low-cost sustainable thermal energy storage system made of recycled steel industry waste 2015 - 2018 Christian Wieckert

Gas Separation
Design principles for metal oxide redox materials for thermochemical separation of O2 from gas mixtures Details 2014 - 2017 Anton Meier (Retired)

BFE SolarPACES IEA Implementing Agreement on Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems (Operating Agent Task II: Solar Chemistry Research) Details 1998 - 2016 Anton Meier (Retired)

SolarZinc P&D
Solar production of zinc and hydrogen
100 kW solar pilot reactor for ZnO dissociation Details
2012 - 2015 Anton Meier (Retired)

CCEM HyTech Sustainable hydrogen technologies Details 2012 - 2015 Anton Meier (Retired)

Solar assisted hydrothermal gasification process Details 2012 - 2015 Anton Meier (Retired)

ISJRP Indian Swiss Joint Research Project:
Development of novel, catalytically active, doped ceria, optimized for solar thermochemical cycles that convert water and carbon dioxide directly into syngas, hydrocarbons, methanol or other oxygenated liquid fuels by concentrated solar radiation Details
2012 - 2015 Ivo Alxneit

EU TCSPower Thermochemical energy storage for concentrated solar power plants Details 2011 - 2015 Christian Wieckert

Solar Recycling of Zinc
Recycling of Waelz Oxide with concentrated solar radiation Details 2011 - 2013 Christian Wieckert

SolarZinc R&D
1) Solar thermal decomposition of ZnO;
2) Solar chemical reactor engineering for the solar thermal production of zinc;
3) Solar thermal production of zinc final steps toward scale-up;
4) Solar production of zinc and hydrogen reactor optimization for scale-up (2008-2013) Details
1998 - 2013 Anton Meier (Retired)

Aldo Steinfeld,

Industry / KTI
Synthesis gas from solar gasification of carbonaceous materials Details 2006 - 2012 Christian Wieckert

EU SOLHYCARB Hydrogen from solar thermal energy: High temperature solar chemical reactor for co-production of hydrogen and carbon black from natural gas cracking Details 2006 - 2010 Anton Meier (Retired)

Life cycle assessment of hydrogen production using concentrating solar power technologies Details 2005 - 2007 Anton Meier (Retired)

BFE Solarchemie 1) Solarchemische Beiträge zur Reduktion des CO2-Ausstosses
2) Characterization of the reactivity of the system Zn/O
2000 - 2007 Ivo Alxneit

EU SOLZINC Solar carbothermic production of zinc from zinc oxide Details 2001 - 2005 Christian Wieckert

BFE SolCal Solar production of lime Details 2000 - 2003 Anton Meier (Retired)

BFE SolarRecycling Solar thermal processes for closed materials cycles Details 1999 - 2002 Aldo Steinfeld

BFE SYNMET Solar combined ZnO reduction and natural gas reforming for the co-production of zinc and syngas Details 1999 - 2002 Aldo Steinfeld