Imaging Furnace (IF)

The imaging furnace consists of a 1 kWe xenon arc lamp, a spheroidal reflector, and a sample stage with a protective glass dome that encloses a water-cooled sample holder. It is capable of reaching peak flux densities up to 15,000 suns (15 MW/m2), corresponding to a maximum stagnation temperature of 3090 K, in the center of the heating zone (3 mm diameter; full width at half height). The imaging furnace allows investigating materials at ultrahigh temperatures under controlled atmosphere. Individual sample holders can be mounted on a generic sample stage that is aligned in three axes. A specific sample holder is available for accommodating samples resting on a water-cooled tip to avoid contamination by crucible material. A protective glass dome can be mounted to study samples releasing condensable or corrosive gases. In this case, the peak flux density is reduced to 13,600 suns (13.6 MW/m2), corresponding to a maximum stagnation temperature of 2980 K. The surface temperature of the sample and the average irradiance can be measured simultaneously by a pyrometric method called Flash Assisted Multiwavelength Pyrometry (FAMP). The irradiance on the sample and, thus, the temperature reached is controlled by adjusting the position of the sample using a computer-controlled fork lift with a resolution of 0.05 mm.
Technical information:
PSI’s 1 kW imaging furnace – A tool for high-temperature chemical reactivity studies
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