Solar Concentrating Research Facilities

The solar concentrating research facilities at PSI offer state-of-the-art experimental platforms for developing the solar receiver and chemical reactor technologies aimed at the

  • production of solar power and fuels (e.g. hydrogen)

  • processing of energy-intensive material commodities (e.g. lime, metals)

  • testing of advanced ceramic materials at temperatures up to 3000 K and heating rates exceeding 1000 K/s under intense radiation fluxes and controlled atmospheres.


High-Flux Solar Furnace
(45 kW; 5,000 suns)
High-Flux SolarFurnace.jpg

High-Flux Solar Simulator
(50 kW; 10,000 suns)
High-Flux SolarSimulator.jpg

Imaging Furnace
(1 kW; 15,000 suns)

User Lab

PSI’s solar concentrating research facilities are part of the European network SFERA (Solar Facilities for the European Research Area) providing access to researchers from industry and academia.
Technical information:
Flyer "Solar Concentrating Research Facilities at PSI" pdf