Our mission is to develop the science and technology that is required for transforming, at an industrial scale, solar energy into chemical fuels with a thermochemical process that effect this conversion more competitively than any other solar-to-fuel process.

By concentrating the sunlight with help of parabolic mirrors, and by capturing the irradiated energy with help of solar receivers, we can obtain heat at high temperatures for carrying out the thermo-chemical production of solar fuels and materials.

  • Production of energy carriers:
    Conversion of solar energy into chemical fuels that can be stored long-term and transported long-range (e.g. hydrogen; syngas; liquid hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, methanol, kerosene).

  • Processing of chemical commodities:
    Use of solar energy for processing energy-intensive, high temperature materials and producing valuable chemical commodities (e.g. aluminum, silicon, lime, carbon nanotubes).

  • Detoxification and recycling of waste materials:
    Use of solar energy for detoxification and recycling of hazardous waste and of secondary raw materials (e.g. metals, ceramics).