Teaching and Research

A key LRS mission is represented by the inter-institutional collaboration between PSI and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in the field of nuclear energy (fission). Thus, the chair for Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour at EPFL (LRS head) is responsible for the corresponding teaching tasks at Lausanne (nuclear-energy related courses, as well as physics practicals using the CROCUS reactor). At the same time, it is the LRS projects at PSI which largely provide the framework for PhD and Master research in the field at EPFL. As such, the thesis topics addressed usually fall into the same three broad categories as for the lab research activities, viz. nuclear safety phenomenology and physics of fuel cycle closure.

A Master program in Nuclear Engineering is implemented as an EPFL-ETHZ-PSI collaboration. The proposed programme enable candidates to acquire specialised training leading to a university graduate-level degree in the field. The Swiss NE Master has been implemented while duely maintaining the more general, nuclear energy related, educational role of LRS indicated above (see the list of Master's courses offered by LRS-PSI scientists below).


PhD theses

The integration of appropriate PhD and Master research themes into the LRS projects constitutes a high-priority aspect of the labs activities. Top

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering

LRS is closely involved in the joint program by EPFL and ETH Zurich offering a Master of Science (MSc) in Nuclear Engineering.

List of Masters courses offered by LRS-PSI scientists (2014/2015):
  • "Neutronics" (1st semester NE Master course)
  • "Special Topics in Reactor Physics" (2nd semester NE Master course)
  • "Nuclear Fuels & Materials" (2nd semester NE Master course)
  • "Nuclear Computations Lab" (3rd semester NE Master course)
  • "Advanced Topics in Nuclear Reactor Materials" (3rd semester NE Master course)
Please, check the Nuclear Master Program web page at EPFL for further details


Master theses

LRS offers Master thesis projects for various topics in the nuclear field as listed above: