LRS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The research activities in LRS are periodically reviewed by an international panel of experts that acts as the laboratory’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC members include internationally renowned researchers, as also representatives from the Swiss regulatory body and nuclear industry, in order to fully reflect the scope of the lab’s R&D.

The SAC regularly meets at PSI to review the status and progress of the various projects, as well as to provide advice on research perspectives and new planned activities. Accordingly, the presentations made at SAC meetings usually fall under the following two categories:
  • Presentations by the NES/LRS management giving a general overview, as also indicating the foreseen future directions
  • Selected technical presentations from members of the lab’s main projects
  • The LRS-SAC currently consists of the following members:
    • Harri Tuomisto, Fortum Nuclear Services, Finland (Chairman)
    • Dominique Bestion, CEA, France
    • Jan Wagemans, SCK.CEN, Belgium
    • Peter Fomichenko, National Research Center Kurchatov Institute, Russia
    • Andreas Gorzel, ENSI, Switzerland
    • Kostadin Ivanov, North Carolina State University, USA
    • Robert Jacqmin, CEA, France
    • Oliver Köberl, AXPO, Switzerland
    • Philippe Renault, swissnuclear, Switzerland
    • Heinz Sonnenburg, GRS, Germany