Current LRS PhD theses

Name Thesis title Director
Hombourger, Boris Small modular Molten Salt Fast Reactor design for closed fuel cycle Pautz, Andreas
Krepel, Jiri
Mala, Petra Development of an Advanced Methodology for Pin-by-Pin Treatment of LWR Cores with Cross Section Equivalence Procedures and Higher-Order Transport Methods Pautz, Andreas

(Canepa, Stefano)
Wicaksono, Damar Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification of Physical Models in Thermal-Hydraulics System Code Pautz, Andreas

(Zerkak, Omar)
Chionis, Dionysios Development of advanced methodologies for monitoring and modelling of neutron noise in modern LWR cores Pautz, Andreas

(Abdelhamid Dokhane)
de Oliveira, Rodrigo High-Fidelity Modelling of Molten Salt Reactor Mikityuk, Konstantin
Krepel, Jiri
(Fiorina, Carlo /EPFL)