THz Plasmonics

Plasmon resonances of metal nanostructures can lead to ultra enhanced electro-magnetic fields that are confined to sub-wavelength volumes around the structures. The resonances, typically occur in the UV-VIS-IR-THz range, and can be exploited to collect information on chemical substances located in immediate vicinity of the metal structures.

Research in THz light sources and THz applications has been constantly growing during the last 15 years and is considered as one of the last frontiers in scientific and industrial research. But even today, the generation of THz radiation with high efficiencies presents many difficulties and, therefore, is largely unexplored in spite of its importance related to its use to access interesting physical properties of semiconductors, molecular crystals, ferroelectrics, and biological objects.

Aim of the Project
In this project, we aim to investigate the interaction of radiation with sub-wavelength metamaterials, such as slit apertures, split ring resonators, or broadband antennas, and to use those structures to achieve exceptionally high THz fields not obtainable otherwise.

Collaboration: University of Berne, MIT - Boston

Funding: NCCR MUST


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