Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures

Semiconductor laser light sources are fascinating devices, which are compact, efficient, reliable and can thus be found in many electronic devices we use every day. We developed a unique pump/probe system at the IR beamline of the SLS to perform a detailed characterisation of such devices, in particular Germanium and GeSn layers as a possibility to fabricate a laser for direct integration into a Si based optoelectronic platform.
In addition, we also make use of the high brilliance of the synchrotron infrared light to investigate gain and coherence in quantum cascade lasers devices and demonstrated transient mid-infrared studies of the electron dynamics and charge separation of Au and TiO2 decorated surfaces.


Peter Friedli
Linear and Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Semiconductors using Synchrotron Infrared

Richard Geiger
Direct bandgap Germanium for Si compatible lasing


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