Metallic Nanowire Grids

Metallic wire-grid polarizers (WGPs) transmit TM-polarized light (transverse magnetic) and reflect TE polarization (transverse electric). They are compact, planar and compatible with integrated circuit (IC) fabrication, which simplifies their use as optical components in nanophotonic, fiber optic, display, and detector devices. We focus on design and fabrication of Al bi-layer WGPs, which have many advantages compared to single layer wire-grids. We aim for increasing the performance of the WGPs, extending their operation wavelength in particular to shorter wavelengths as well as develop fabrication processes in order to reduce the fabrication costs for large-area fabrication, in collaboration with a company. The fabrication of such aimed polarizers in large area was realized using our newly developed scanning exposure strategy with EUV-IL and nanoimprint lithography