Meetings and Seminars at LMN

LMN-meetings and science talks take place on Thursdays at 11 am in ODRA/111

Schedule January - July 2019

January 31, 2019, Viktoria Yurgens
Fabrication of double-sided Fresnel zone plates and absolute measurements of their diffraction efficiency in an X-ray-tube setup

February 28, 2019, Judith Wörle
Mind the step: the impact of surface faceting on the SiO2/SiC interface

March 28, 2019, Benedikt Rösner
7 nm Spatial Resolution in Soft X-ray Microscopy

April 25, 2019, Xiaolong Wang
Multiple beam interference study EUV resist Performance

May 23, 2019, Francesco Armand Pilon
Lasing in highly strained Germanium

June 27, 2019, Adam Kubec
A path towards next generation x-ray gratings: Compensation of substrate errors by a local variation of the grating pitch