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Smog Chamber Group


Laboratory studies on the formation, growth and ageing of aerosols and their effects on human health Aerosols are emitted into the atmosphere but can also be formed there from the oxidation of gaseous precursors leading to secondary aerosols. They play an important role in the climate system and lead to adverse health effects in human beings. The main research tool is a large 27 m3 indoor smog chamber which is equipped with a large suite of state of the art instrumentation. This facility is linked to the European net work of smog chambers (EUROCHAMP) and is operated as a user laboratory. Based on laboratory studies we aim to:
  • understand the mechanism of formation of secondary aerosols
  • characterize the chemical composition of primary and secondary aerosols
  • understand the processing and ultimate fate of aerosols in the atmosphere
  • understand the relation between aerosol chemical composition and their health effects