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Project Description Duration Contact / E-mail
ISOLAS Rapid measurements of isotope fractionations during plant metabolic processes as response to environmental changes Details EcF 2015-2016 Rolf Siegwolf,

BAFU N&S Compounds In-depth analysis of N&S compounds
Details GAC
2013-2014 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

COST Drought The relationship between stable isotopes, water-use efficiency and tree mortality under drought Details EcF 2013-2015 Matthias Saurer,

ACSM Intercomparison Large intercomparison campaign of 15 aerosol mass spectrometers at the SIRTA supersite (Paris, F) Details GAC 2013 André Prévôt,

NF iTREE Long-term variability of tree growth in a changing environment - identifying physiological mechanisms using stable C and O isotopes in tree rings Details EcF 2012-2015 Rolf Siegwolf,

ToF ACSM Development and validation of a new online mass spectrometer for aerosols, the ToF-ACSM Details GAC 2012-2013 André Prévôt,

ACSM in Zurich Measurements of non-refractory PM1 and source apportionment of OM with a mini-AMS in Zurich during a full year Details GAC 2011-2012 André Prévôt,

Ambizione BBB-Aerosol Production and Processing of Atmospheric Aerosols from Biogenic and Biomass Burning Sources Details GAC 2011-2013 Jay Slowik,

SDC CATCOS Improvement of climate observations world-wide Details AeP 2011-2013 Nicolas Bukowiecki,

NF Siberian Climate Understanding the isotope signal of trees growing on continuous permafrost in northern Siberia Details EcF 2011-2013 Matthias Saurer,

NF Ice Selective Inlet Development of a ice selective inlet (ISI) for the extraction of ice crystals in mixed-phase clouds and subsequent physico-chemical analysis of ice nuclei Details AeP 2011-2013 Martin Gysel,

Secondary Aerosol Formation (S-Feinstaub) Secondary Aerosol from Traffic, measured with the mobile smogchamber Details GAC 2011-2013 André Prévôt,

CCEM NADIP NOx Abatement in Diesels: Process Analysis, Optimisation, and Impact Details GAC 2010-2013 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

Surface Chemistry Characterization aerosl particles
Surface reactivity of Nanoparticles
Key free radical reactions - thermochemistry Details SCG
2009-2013 Michel Rossi,

EUROCHAMP 2 Integration of European Simulation Chambers for studying atmospheric processes Details SCG 2009-2013 Josef Dommen,

BAFU GOTHENBURG-2020 Modelling of scenarios for 2020 in the framework of the revision of the Gothenburg Protocol Details GAC 2011-2012 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

ESA Aerosol CCI Development of procedures to convert dry in situ aerosol optical data into ambient data at enhanced relative humidity to test and validate aerosol retrievals from satellites with independent ground based data 2011-2012 Urs Baltensperger,

NF SAPMAV Source Attribution of Particulate Matter using a new aerodynamic lens Details GAC 2011-2013 André Prévôt,

CalNex-LA Research at the Nexus of Air Quality and Climate Change in the Los Angeles Basin Details GAC 2010-2012 André Prévôt,

COST 639 ALPIN-CARBON Tree response to elevated CO2 above timberline Details EcF 2009-2012 Rolf Siegwolf,

Eurostar FC Aeth Fast and loading compensated Aethalometer– an instrument for real time measurement of light absorbing carbonaceous aerosol Details GAC 2009-2012 André Prévôt,

EU ISOTREC Response of Siberian trees to environmnetal change EcF 2009-2012 Rolf Siegwolf,

NF Aerosols and Health Impact of aerosol on human health Details SCG 2009-2012 Josef Dommen,

NF Climate Isotopes Tree growth and forest ecosystem functioning in Eurasia under changing climate EcF 2009-2012 Matthias Saurer,

CCES IMBALANCE IMpact of Biomass burning AerosoL on Air quality aNd ClimatE GAC 2008-2012 Urs Baltensperger,

NF SONATA Characterization of black carbon in atmospheric aerosols and ice cores using a single particle soot photometer Details AeP 2009-2011 Martin Gysel,

PM Trends and Variability Trends of PM10, PM2.5 PMcoarse in Europe Details GAC 2009-2012 André Prévôt,

SAMBA Source Apportionment and Aerosol Modeling with Budget Analysis Details GAC 2008-2011 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

BFE BAFU Wood Burning Emissions Extended particle analytics for wood burning emissions Details GAC 2007-2011 André Prévôt,

EU GeoMon Understanding the influence of water uptake on atmospheric aerosol particles with respect to their optical properties. Details AeP 2007-2011 Martin Gysel,

RDI-SR-XRF Trace elements in aerosols: Quantification and source apportionment Details GAC 2007-2011 Markus Furger,

EU EUSAAR Development and employment of humidity-controlled aerosol monitors Details AeP 2006-2011 Martin Gysel,

CCEM NEADS Diesel vehicle emissions and secondary aerosol formation in NEADS (Next Generation Exhaust Aftertreatment for Diesel Propulsion Systems) GAC 2006-2010 Urs Baltensperger,

MILLENIUM European climate of the last millennium
Details EcF
2005-2010 Matthias Saurer,

ASTRA APART PM10 emission factors of abrasion particles from road traffic Details GAC 2006-2009 Nicolas Bukowiecki,

TROPOSAT, ACCENT-TROPOSAT2 Observing tropospheric trace constituents from space Details GAC 2000-2009 Johannes Keller,

BAFU Summer Winter Air Quality Air Quality Modelling for 3 episodes with CAMx Details GAC 2006-2008 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

Ozone Trends and Variability Trends of ozone and Ox in Switzerland (1992-2007) Details GAC 2004-2012 André Prévôt,

NF Scopes Climatic changes, tree-ring growth and C- and O-isotope variations along longitudinal transects in Siberia and in the Urals Details EcF 2005-2007 Matthias Saurer,

Railway Emissions Size segregated elemental analysis of railway emissions Details AeP 2003-2005 Urs Baltensperger,

ISONET 400 years of annual reconstructions of European climate variability using a high resolution isotopic network EcF 2003-2005 Matthias Saurer,

CCN Counter Development of a Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter AeP 2000-2005 Martin Gysel,

BAFU GOTHENBURG-2010 Ozone in Switzerland 1985-2010: Modelling the impacts of various emission scenarios Details GAC 2004-2005 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

BAFU Ozone Summer 2003 Modelling the effects of reducing the speed limit Details GAC 2003-2004 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

EU Carbomont Effects of land-use changes on sources, sinks and fluxes of carbon in European mountain areas Details EcF 2002-2004 Rolf Siegwolf,

NF Organic Carbon Aerosols Effects of organic compounds on the hygroscopic properties of inorganic aerosols AeP 2001-2004 Martin Gysel,

FORMAT Formaldehyde as a Tracer of Oxidation in the Troposphere GAC 2001-2004 André Prévôt,

VOTALP VOTALP-II CHAPOP Vertical transport of pollutants (ozone, VOCs, ..) in Alpine Valleys GAC 1996-2004 André Prévôt,