The spring seminars 2022 will take place at PSI but will also be broadcasted on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 619 3775 7335
Passcode: 459692

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Tue | 01.03.2022 | 11.00 | ODRA/111
Interplay between reactive oxygen species, transition metals, nitrogen oxides and iodine species in multiphase atmospheric chemistry
Lucia Iezzi (PSI LUC)

Tue | 08.03.2022 | 08.00 | OFLG/402
Iodine chemistry in the upper troposphere
Antoine Roose (PSI LUC)

Tue | 15.03.2022 | 16.00 | OFLG/402
Multiphase chemistry of organic aerosols and reactive oxygen species in the atmosphere and indoor environments
Manabu Shiraiwa (UC Irvine, USA)

Tue | 22.03.2022 | 11.00 | OFLG/402
Adsorption of hexylamine on ice
Jérôme Gabathuler (PSI LUC)

Tue | 29.03.2022 | 08.00 | OFLG/402
Reconstruction and attribution of regional WIOC, WSOC and EC emission sources from an alpine ice core
Thomas Singer (PSI LUC)

Tue | 05.04.2022 | 16.00 | OFLG/402
Phase behavior of internal mixtures of different organics is governed by the differences in oxygen‐to‐carbon ratios 
Fabian Mahrt (PSI LUC and UBC Vancouver, CA)

Tue | 26.04.2022 | 11.00 | OFLG/402
Chemical actinometry on ice: How much irradiation reaches our ice samples?
Yanisha Manoharan (PSI LUC)

Tue | 03.05.2022 | 11.00 | OFLG/402
PANDA Ice core analytical platform at IGE 
Patrick Ginot (IRD/IGE, Grenoble, F)

Results from Col du Dôme analyzes on S and N isotopes
Alexis Lamothe (ICE, Grenoble, F)

Tue | 10.05.2022 | 11.00 | OFLG/402
The importance of aerosol acidity and its impacts
Athanasios Nenes (EPFL, Lausanne, CH

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