Time Resolved XAS Publications

Full list of publications of Dr. Grigory Smolentsev can be found at http://www.researcherid.com/rid/M-7845-2017


  • H. J. Worner, C. A. Arrell, N. Banerji, A. Cannizzo, M. Chergui, A. K. Das, P. Hamm, U. Keller, P. M. Kraus, E. Liberatore, P. Lopez-Tarifa, M. Lucchini, M. Meuwly,C. Milne, J.-E. Moser, U. Rothlisberger, G. Smolentsev, J. Teuscher, J. van Bokhoven, O. Wenger “Charge migration and charge transfer in molecular systems“ Structural Dynamics 4 (2017) 061508
  • F. Song, R. Moré, M. Schilling, G. Smolentsev, N. Azzaroli, T. Fox, S. Luber, G.R. Patzke “{Co4O4} and {CoxNi4-xO4} cubane water oxidation catalysts as surface cut-outs of cobalt oxides. J. Am Chem. Soc 139 (2017) 14198–14208
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  • M. A. Newton, D. Ferri, G. Smolentsev, V. Marchionni, M. Nachtegaal "Kinetic Studies of the Pt Carbonate-Mediated, Room-Temperature Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide by Oxygen over Pt/Al2O3 Using Combined, Time-Resolved XAFS, DRIFTS, and Mass Spectrometry" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138 (2016) 13930–13940
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  • G. Smolentsev, B. Cecconi, A. Guda, M. Chavarot-Kerlidou, J. A. van Bokhoven, M. Nachtegaal, V. Artero “Microsecond X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Identification of CoI Intermediates in Cobaloxime-Catalyzed Hydrogen Evolution” Chem. Eur. J. 21 (2015) 15158-15162
  • M. A. Newton, D. Ferri, G. Smolentsev, V. Marchionni, M. Nachtegaal “Room temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide by oxygen over Pt/Al2O3 mediated by reactive Platinum carbonates.” Nature Commun. 6 (2015) 8675
  • G. Smolentsev and V. Sundström “Time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the study of molecular systems relevant for artificial photosynthesis” Coord. Chem. Rev. 304-305 (2015) 117-132
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  • S. E. Canton, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, J. Zhang, M. Pápai, A. Corani, A. L. Smeigh, G. Smolentsev, K. Attenkofer, G. Jennings, C. A. Kurtz, F. Li, T. Harlang, D. Vithanage, P. Chabera, A. Bordage, L. Sun, S. Ott, K. Wärnmark and V. Sundström “Watching the Dynamics of Electrons and Atoms at Work in Solar Energy Conversion“ Faraday Disccuss. 185 (2015) 51-68
  • M. G. Pfeffer, B. Schäfer, G. Smolentsev, J. Uhlig, E. Nazarenko, J. Guthmuller, C. Kuhnt, M. Wächtler, B. Dietzek, V. Sundström and S. Rau "Palladium versus Platinum: The Metal in the Catalytic Center of a Molecular Photocatalyst Determines the Mechanism of the Hydrogen Production with Visible Light” Angew Chem Int. Ed. 54 (2015) 5044-5048