Sandro Konrad Luh

Sandro Luh

PhD Student

Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

In 2018, Sandro joined the Energy Economics group of the Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis at Paul Scherrer Institute as a PhD student. His background is in mechanical engineering which he obtained at ETH Zurich (BSc: 2015, MSc: 2018). His master thesis at Imperial College London involved to show potentials for climate change mitigation in the industrial sector with a novel energy systems model (MUSE). During his studies, Sandro has participated in various extracurricular activities. These include his role as semester representative for mechanical engineering students, the participation in Model United Nations (MUN), and the organization of a discovery semester for refugees at ETH Zurich.

Here at PSI, Sandro will continue to work with energy system models, as his PhD will be on the integration of various vehicle technologies, and of consumer and supplier behavior in the mobility sector of an energy systems model for Switzerland (Swiss TIMES Energy systems Model, STEM). For this, he considers factors influencing consumer choices, and new transportation modes such as autonomous vehicles and virtual mobility. He aims to identify decarbonisation options for the Swiss transport sector and key policy recommendations by showing potential long-term future pathways of the development in the mobility sector.

2018 MSc ETH ETH Zurich, Mechanical Engineering (Focus: Energy Science; Minors: Economics and Management)
2018 Master Thesis Imperial College London
2015 BSc ETH ETH Zurich, Mechanical Engineering (Focus: Energy, Flows, and Processes)
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