ENE Seminars 2/2016

The Energy and Environment Research Division organizes a weekly seminar during the semester. Seminars are scheduled for Thursdays at PSI. Visitors from other Divisions and from outside PSI are always welcome.

Organisation A. Wokaun und A. Hamburger

* Topic of the semester: Energy System Integration Technologies
** Doctoral thesis
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Thursday 18 August 2016 Prof. Dr. Frédéric Vogel Blue Diversion Autarky – Sauberes Wasser aus der Toilette A. Wokaun

Thursday 1 September 2016 Sebastian Andreas Schmidt Transition metal diphosphonates: organic-inorganic hybrid materials for Li-ion batteries C. Villevieille

Thursday 8 September 2016 Kenta Shimamoto Strain-engineering of perovskite rare-earth manganate thin films T. Lippert

Thursday 15 September 2016 Martin Christoph Reichardt Polyanion materials with multiple redox couples for Li-ion batteries C. Villevieille

Thursday 22 September 2016 Kein ENE Seminar CCEM and PSI:
Coordinated Energy Research Switzerland

Thursday 29 September 2016 Prof. Alessandro Trovarelli, Universität Udine PSI Catalysis Seminar ¦ ENE Seminar: Forty years of catalysis by ceria: a success story D. Ferri

Thursday 13 October 2016 Véronique Sproll Radiation grafted membranes for fuel cells: Understanding and improving polymer architecture T.J. Schmidt

Thursday 20 October 2016 Dr. Rolf Siegwolf Stable isotopes in ecological and plant physiological research:
a review of the last 22 years
U. Baltensperger

Thursday 27 October 2016 Alejandro Ojeda Gonzalez-Posada Why pulsed laser deposition keeps material scientists awake at night? T. Lippert

Friday 11 November 2016 Prof. Alfred Voß, Universität Stuttgart PSI Colloquium: Weht der Wind in die richtige Richtung?
Anmerkungen zur Energiewende und ihren Systemeffekten
A. Wokaun

Thursday 24 November 2016 Dr. Tom Kober and Dr. Evangelos Panos ENE/NES Seminar:
The World Energy Scenarios 2016
A. Wokaun

Thursday 1 December 2016 Dr. Sebastian Müller Methanol-to-olefins conversion and the synthesis of methane and methanol – From new insights to current activities F. Vogel

Thursday 8 December 2016 Tschupp Simon Andreas Nanometer-sized Pt made with light,
electrocatalysis in full flow,
and computational mass transport
T.J. Schmidt

Thursday 15 December 2016 Aline Fluri Improving the ion conductivity by stretching the crystal lattice
T. Lippert