ENE Seminars Archive 1/2014

The General Energy Research Division organizes a weekly seminar during the semester. Seminars are scheduled for Thursdays at PSI. Visitors from other Divisions and from outside PSI are always welcome.

Organisation A. Wokaun und S.Wittke

* Topic of the semester:
** Doctoral thesis
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Thursday 9 January 2014 LVF / Peter Jansohn Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 16 January 2014 LBK / Oliver Kröcher Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 23 January 2014 LEC / Thomas Schmidt Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 30 January 2014 LST / A. Steinfeld/A. Meier Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 6 February 2014 LAC / U. Baltensperger Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 13 February 2014 Marc Hanewinkel, Oliver Thees *Ressource Holz: Beitrag zur Energiewende in der Schweiz? O. Kröcher

Friday 14 February 2014 Matthias Kaiserswerth PSI Colloquium:
Watson: A New Era of Computing
Ch. Mudry

Thursday 20 February 2014 Johannes Zarfl **PhD: Methanation of Synthesis gas - in situ DRIFTS studies over alumina supported nickel catalyst J. Wambach

Thursday 27 February 2014 LEA / Stefan Hirschberg Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Thursday 6 March 2014 LSK / Jeroen van Bokhoven Activities 2013 / Outlook 2014 A. Wokaun

Wednesday 13 March 2013 Robert J. Davis Syngas Conversion over Supported Molybdenum Carbide Nanoclusters A. Wokaun

Thursday 20 March 2014 Jaques Amouroux Carbon recovery for a sustainable development: A new step for energy storage needed for increased renewable energy contributions T. Lippert

Friday 21 March 2014 Dirk van der Marel PSI Colloquium:
The Higgs mechanism: From low to high energies
Ch. Mudry

Thursday 27 March 2014 Yu-Chun Lin **PhD: Turbulent flame speed for hydrogen-rich fuel gases P. Jansohn

Thursday 17 April 2014 Gerd H. Wolf ENE/NES Colloquium:
Energy Transition and Intermittent Renewables
M. Zimmermann

Thursday 24 April 2014 Philip G. Jessop Switchable Solvents O. Kröcher

Thursday 22 May 2014 Antje Wörner Thermochemical Systems for Storage and Upgrade of Thermal Energy A. Steinfeld

Thursday 5 June 2014 Sieghard Albert Synchrotron-based highest resolution FTIR spectroscopy of chiral molecules and molecules of astrophysical interest A. Wokaun

Thursday 12 June 2014 Jikun Chen **PhD: Analysis of Laser-Induced Plasmas Utilizing 18O2 as Oxygen Tracer T. Lippert

Thursday 26 June 2014 Jean-Bernard Michel *SCCER Biomass: Adances in the automated digestion of agri-food residues at the small scale O. Kröcher

Thursday 10 July 2014 Peter Bleith **PhD: Elucidation of the reaction mechanism of M0.5TiOPO4 P. Novak

Wednesday 16 July 2014 Patrick Lanz **PhD: In situ characterization of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries by Raman and IR microscopy P. Novak

Thursday 17 July 2014 Wilfried Müller PSI Colloquium:
Umicore Innovations for Clean Mobility
A. Wokaun