ENE Seminars Archive 1/2013

The General Energy Research Division organizes a weekly seminar during the semester. Seminars are scheduled for Thursdays at PSI. Visitors from other Divisions and from outside PSI are always welcome.

Organisation A. Wokaun und M. Jäggi
Place OSGA / EG6
Time 11:00

* Topic of the semester: New projects of the CCEM
** Doctoral thesis
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Thursday 10 January 2013 U. Baltensperger LAC:
Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013
A. Wokaun

Friday 11 January 2013 Prof. H. Chapmann, DESY PSI-Colloquium
Protein nanocrystallography with X-ray FELs
Ch. Mudry, AUDI WEST

Wednesday 16 January 2013 P. Jansohn LVF:
Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013
A. Wokaun

Thursday 24 January 2013 A. Steinfeld / A. Meier LST:
Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013
A. Wokaun

Monday 28 January 2013 J. van Bokhoven Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013 A. Wokaun

Thursday 7 February 2013 O. Kröcher LBK:
Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013
A. Wokaun

Thursday 14 February 2013 T.J. Schmidt LEC:
Activities 2012 / Outlook 2013
A. Wokaun

Thursday 21 February 2013 K. Ramachandran ENE-NES-Seminar
Swiss electricity supply options:
a techno-economic analysis
A. Wokaun, AUDI WEST

Thursday 28 February 2013 Dr. P. Bowen, EPFL Powder characterisation and Particle Size Measurement from nanometers to microns – towards Nanometrology
A. Testino, A. Wokaun

Thursday 7 March 2013, 09:00 N. Weidmann ** Doctoral Thesis:
Transformation strategies towards a sustainable Swiss energy system: An energy-economic scenario analysis
H. Turton, S. Hirschberg

Thursday 14 March 2013, 09:00 T. Mattle ** Doctoral Thesis:
Laser-induced forward transfer of SnO2 for sensing applications
T. Lippert

Thursday 21 March 2013 C. König ** Doctoral Thesis:
Hot gas desulfurization probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
M. Nachtegaal

Thursday 28 March 2013 Prof. M. Kovalenko, ETHZ Novel Strategies for Combining Molecules, Clusters, and Nanocrystals into Functional Inorganic Solids
P. Novak

Thursday 4 April 2013, 09:30 H. Zöhrer ** Doctoral Thesis:
Hydrothermal catalytic gasification of fermentation residue
F. Vogel

Friday 19 April 2013, 09:30 - 17:15 diverse Spring Meeting of the Swiss Chemical Society
D. Ferri

Tuesday 23 April 2013 M. Hantel ** Doctoral Thesis:
Graphite oxide and graphene oxide based electrode materials for supercapacitors

Thursday 2 May 2013 K. Ziemelis, Nature Magazine Inside Nature
S. Urbonaite, A. Wokaun, AUDI WEST

Wednesday 8 May 2013 D. Weingarth ** Doctoral Thesis:
Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors
R. Kötz

Tuesday 14 May 2013, 16:30 Prof. M. Tromp, TU München New Insights in Homogeneously Catalysed Selective
Polymerisation Reactions using Novel X-ray Spectroscopy Methodologies
C. König, A. Wokaun

Thursday 16 May 2013 Prof. C. Franck, ETHZ * Increasing the transmission capacity of existing overhead power lines
A. Wokaun

Friday 24 May 2013, 11:15 Prof. D. Sornette, ETHZ PSI-Colloquium
Dragon-Kings, Black Swans and Predictions: diagnostic for the coming crises in population, environmental, health, economic and financial systems
Ch. Mudry, AUDI WEST

Thursday 6 June 2013 D. Stender ** Doctoral Thesis:
Controlling strain and micro-structure of yttria stabilized zirconia thin films
T. Lippert

Friday 21 June 2013, 11:15 Prof. S. Udry, Observatoire de Genève PSI-Colloquium
Super-Earths and Neptune-mass planets: a window to planetary-system diversity
Ch. Mudry, AUDI WEST

Thursday 27 June 2013 I. Czekaj Computational modelling of catalytic systems used in energy supply and environmental protection O. Kröcher

Thursday 4 July 2013, 09:00 M. Dreher ** Doctoral Thesis:
Catalysis Under Extreme Conditions: in situ Studies of the Reforming of Organic Key Compounds in Supercritical Water
J. Wambach