Jinqiu Xu


Post Doc 

Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Jinqiu Xu is a postdoc researcher in the X-Ray Tomography group at Paul Scherrer Institute and ETH Zurich since 2019. Prior to this, Jinqiu Xu received her PhD degree in Mathematics and Information Technology from Capital Normal University, China in 2019. Her main research field there was CT image reconstruction from incomplete projection data.

Jinqiu Xu’s scientific research focuses on developing X-ray phase contrast CT for breast cancer diagnosis. She works on developing an iterative algorithm to obtain the refractive index and the linear diffusion coefficient with high quality and speed.

J. Xu, Y. Zhao, H. Li*, and P. Zhang, “An Image Reconstruction Model Regularized by Edge-preserving Diffusion and Smoothing for Limited-angle Computed Tomography,” Inverse Probl. 35(8), July. 2019.

Y. Zhao, J. Xu, H. Li*, and P. Zhang, “Edge Information Diffusion-based Reconstruction for Cone Beam Computed Laminography,” IEEE Trans. Image Process. 27(9), Sept. 2018.


2015-2019 Ph.D. Mathematics and Information Technology, School of Mathematical Science, Capital Normal University, China.

2012-2015 M.S. Computer Graphics, School of Mathematical Science, Capital Normal University, China.

Research Experience:

Post Doc (2019-present): Currently studying “X-ray phase contrast CT” to diagnose breast cancer.

In Doctorate of Science (2015-2019): Currently working on “CT image reconstruction from incomplete data” to reduce the blurring and artifacts caused by incomplete scanning data.

In Master of Science (2012-2015): Worked in dissertation entitled on “The Research to Measure Accurately on the CT Data of Objects” to achieve quantitative information of CT data by human-computer interaction.

Areas Interest:  CT image reconstruction, image processing.

Expertise of Program: C/C++, Python, Matlab, CUDA, OpenGL.