Development of an iterative algorithm for GI-BCT

Grating interfrometry based computed tomography set up.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and leading cause of cancer-related death among woman worldwide. It is the major problem of public health with high mortality, over 2 million new cases were diagnosed and 627,000 death around the world in 2018. The main reason for the high mortality is late diagnosis. Early diagnosis is very important to increase the probability of successful treatment. Low-dose x-ray plays an important role in early detection of breast cancer and reduce deaths from disease. Phase-contrast X-ray is an emerging image technique which provide image with strong soft tissue contrast sensitivity and improved visualization of breast cancer. This research focuses on developing an iterative algorithm for the Grating-Interferometry-Breast-CT (GI-BCT), which allow us acquire high quality image and high acquisition speed for low does and large data. We aim to apply this algorithm to clinical practice and improve the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.