Aleksandra Kim

photo of Aleksandra Kim
Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Aleksandra has been pursuing her PhD since March 2018 in the Technology Assessment Group under the supervision of Dr. Chris Mutel from the PSI and Prof. Dr. Hellweg from ETH Zurich. She is a part of the OASES project and her primary focus is integrated sustainability assessment of Swiss production and consumption. The mathematical tools and quantitative methods relevant for the project include global sensitivity analysis, contribution analysis, LCA and MRIO modelling.
Aleksandra received her Master degree from ETH Zurich in 2017 in the program “Robotics, Systems and Control”. Her research interests lie in the area of control theory and optimisation methods applied to energy systems. In the span of her master studies she did an internship on Smart Grid applications at IBM Research in Zurich. Prior to that she conducted her Bachelor studies in Mechanical engineering in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia (2009-2013).