Journal Papers 2014

Break-Up and Bounce of TiO2 Agglomerates by Impaction
M. Ihalainen, T.M. Lind, A. Arffman, T. Torvela, J.K. Jokiniemi
Aerosol Science and Technology 48, 31

Conclusions on severe accident research priorities
W. Klein-Heßling, M. Sonnenkalb, D. Jacquemain, B. Clément, E. Raimond, H. Dimmelmeier, G. Azarian, G. Ducros, C. Journeau, L.E. Herranz Puebla, A. Schumm, A. Miassoedov, I. Kljenak, G. Pascal, S. Bechta, S. Güntay, M.K. Koch, I. Ivanov, A. Auvinen, I. Lindholm
Annals of Nuclear Energy 74, 4

SARNET2 benchmark on air ingress experiments QUENCH-10, -16
L. Fernández-Moguel, C. Bals, E. Beuzet, C. Bratfisch, O. Coindreu, Z. Hózer, J. Stuckert, A. Vasiliev, P. Vryashkova
Annals of Nuclear Energy 74, 12

Synthesis of spent fuel pool accident assessments using severe accident codes
J. Fleurot, I. Lindholm, N. Kononen, B.S. Jäckel, A. Kaliatka, J. Duspiva, M. Steinbrück, T. Hollands
Annals of Nuclear Energy 74, 58

Modeling of bubble coalescence and break-up in turbulent bubbly flow
R.V. Mukin
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 62, 52

The predicted effects of selected Phebus FPT1 sump constituents on iodine volatility
R.C. Cripps, S. Güntay, B.S. Jäckel
Nuclear Engineering and Design 272, 99

Large eddy simulation of particulate flow inside a differentially heated cavity
C. Bosshard, A. Dehbi, M. Deville, E. Leriche, A. Soldati
Nuclear Engineering and Design 267, 154

Experimental study on bounce of submicron agglomerates upon inertial impaction
M. Ihalainen, T.M. Lind, J. Ruusunen, P. Tiitta, A. Lahde, T. Torvela, J. Jokiniemi
Powder Technology 268, 203