Journal Papers 2013

Significance of Phébus-FP results for plant safety in Switzerland
J.C. Birchley, S. Güntay
Annals of Nuclear Energy 61, 206

CFD prediction of mixing in a steam generator mock-up: Comparison between full geometry and porous medium approaches
A. Dehbi, H. Badreddine
Annals of Nuclear Energy 58, 178

Analysis of QUENCH-10 and -16 air ingress experiments with SCDAPSim3.5
L. Fernández-Moguel, J.C. Birchley
Annals of Nuclear Energy 53, 202

Large eddy simulation of the differentially heated cubic cavity flow by the spectral element method
C. Bosshard, A. Dehbi, M. Deville, E. Leriche, R. Puragliesi, A. Soldati
Computers & Fluids 86, 210

Granular flow in pebble-bed nuclear reactors: Scaling,dust generation, and stress
C.H. Rycroft, A. Dehbi, T.M. Lind, S. Güntay
Nuclear Engineering and Design 265, 69

On the adequacy of wall functions to predict condensation rates fromsteam-noncondensable gas mixtures
A. Dehbi
Nuclear Engineering and Design 265, 25

Prediction of steam condensation in the presence of noncondensable gases using a CFD-based approach
A. Dehbi, F. Janasz, B. Bell
Nuclear Engineering and Design 258, 199