Other contact and complaints offices

The subsidiarity principle applies. I.e. bodies at the ETH Domain level or higher will only be called upon after an attempt has been made to clarify the matter at the PSI level.

Reporting legally and ethically incorrect behaviour ("whistleblowing")

The general PSI ombudsman for whistleblowing is the safety delegate. Reports to him or her should concern serious cases. These include matters such as any type of criminal conduct, undisclosed vested interests, non-compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, misuse of finances, facilities and equipment, and non-compliance with or circumvention of internal directives and control mechanisms.

PSI Safety Delegate
Dr. Werner Roser
Tel. internal: 3514

Reporting research integrity

Reports concerning research integrity should continue to be submitted to the Ombudsperson for Research Integrity. Ombudspersons of the other research institutes Empa, Eawag and WSL are also authorized to receive such reports or to advise in the event of conflict. Research integrity refers primarily to misconduct in relation to research planning, execution and publication.

See also: https://www.psi.ch/en/integrity/documents

Ombudsperson Research Integrity PSI
Prof. em. Dr. Roland Horisberger
Tel. internal: 3206

Independent Ombudsman Office of the ETH Board

The Ombudsman Office of the ETH Board is an independent and subsidiary body (see above) responsible for receiving reports from members of the ETH Domain concerning legally and ethically incorrect conduct of which they have become aware in connection with their activities in the ETH Domain.

Dr. Res Nyffenegger, Rechtsanwalt, masina gfeller nyffenegger, www.mgnrecht.ch

Arbitration Commission pursuant to the Equal Opportunities Act for the ETH Domai

An appeal is possible before or after the issuance of an order (deadline when an order is issued: 30 days) after an attempt at clarification at PSI level. The Commission has a moderating role by inviting to a conciliation hearing. Possible outcomes are a settlement or a finding of non-agreement. In the event of non-agreement, there is the possibility of subsequently appealing to the Complaints Commission (see below). Topics that can be dealt with by the conciliation commission are listed directly on the commission's website.


ETH Appeals Commission

The ETH Appeal Commission is the first instance to decide on appeals against decisions of the six institutions of the ETH Domain. The appeals mainly concern personnel and higher education law. The decisions of the ETH Appeal Commission can be appealed to the Federal Administrative Court.


Whistleblowing Unit of the Swiss Federal Audit Office EFK