The Seminars of the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, organized by Theo Jenk.

Programm Spring 2021: Download

The Seminars will be online (Zoom).
Meeting ID: 996 3524 2292
Passcode: 715940

Tue | 06.04.2021 | 16.00
Multiphase chemical kinetics of OH uptake by amorphous organic aerosol for a range of tropospheric temperatures.
Daniel Knopf (Stony Brook University, USA)

Tue | 04.05.2021 | 08.00
Oceans, wildfires, and atmospheric chemistry of small molecules in the Anthropocene.
Rainer Volkamer (University of Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Tue | 11.05.2021 | 16.00
Atmospheric water surfaces.
Nønne Prisle (University of Oulu, Finland)

Tue | 18.05.2021| 08.00
Ice‐core based modern heavy metal pollution records for the territory of the FSU.
Petr Nalivaika (PSI LUC, Switzerland)

Tue | 25.05. | 08.00
An iron – copper collaboration in photochemistry.
Peter A. Alpert (PSI LUC, Switzerland)

Tue | 08.06.2021 | 08.00
Towards a reconstruction of regional WIOC, WSOC and EC emissions and emission sources from ice core archives ‐ methods and first results.
Thomas Singer (PSI LUC, Switzerland)

Tue | 15.06.2021 | 16.00
Towards ICP‐MS determination of trace metals in single atmospheric particles entrapped in ancient ice.
Paolo Gabrielli (Ohio State University, USA)

Tue | 22.06.2021 | 08.00
Cycling of radicals induced by transition metal complex photochemistry in viscous organic aerosol particles.
Kevin Kilchhofer (PSI LUC, Switzerland)

Tue | 29.06.2021 | 08.00
A new vision on the 2D chemical stratigraphy in ice cores.
Pascal Bohleber (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)

Full seminar program fall 2019: Download