The Friday-Seminars of the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry are organized by Theo Jenk.

Full program fall 2019: Download

18.10.2019| 09.30 - 15.15| Paul Scherrer Institute, room OFLG/402

Monitoring the adsorbed water layer structure on Agl surface.

Huanyu Yang (LUC, PSI, CH)

Micro- and nanoplastics in soils.

Moritz Bigalke (GIUB, Uni Bern, CH)

Micro-spectroscopic characterization and ice nucleation properties of aerosol particles.

Bingbing Wang (Xiamen University, CHN)

Studying dynamics of catalysts with ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Yohei Uemura (LUC, PSI, CH)

15.11.2019 | 09.30 - 15.15 | Paul Scherrer Institute, room OFLG/402

Fe in ice cores both as a new proxy for the determination of past volcanic eruptions and as a fertilizing element in the oceans.

François Burgay (LUC, PSI, CH)

Combine liquid-jet XPS and kinetic experiments to investigate the impact of tetrabutylammonium on the oxidation of bromide by ozone.

Shuzhen Chen (LUC, PSI, CH)

Assessment of major ions and heavy metals pollution in snow: A case study in Northeast, China, 2017-2018.

Honghai Xue (Jilin Jianzhu University, CHN)

Comprehensive analysis of carbonaceous species during severe haze pollution in Beijing, Northern China Plain.

Shuo Yang (Tsinghua University, CHN)

13.12.2019 | 09.30 - 15.15 | Paul Scherrer Institute, room OFLG/402

Enhancement of carbonaceous aerosol during the 20th century: insights from radiocarbon in particulate carbon from a high Alpine glacier.

Ling Fang (LUC, PSI, CH)

14C on aerosol filters from Antarctica an Svalbard..

Martin Rauber (DCB, Uni Bern, CH)

Aerosol deposition on the highest glacier of the Eastern European Alps during the last 3000 years: the Ortles ice cores.

Michele Bérto (LAC, PSI, CH)

Light absorbing impurities in the Olivares Catchment, Central Chile.

Martina Barandun (LUC, PSI, CH)