Dr. Bernd Sebastian Jaeckel

photo of Bernd Sebastian Jaeckel

Severe Accident Research Group
Senior Scientist

Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

  • Spent fuel integrity (SwissNuclear)
  • Air oxidation modelling for SA codes (ENSI)
  • Coordination of European MELCOR user group (EMUG) meetings
Bernd was born in 1955, received his Diploma in Physics at the University of Marburg, Germany in 1981, and his PhD in Nuclear Chemistry as well at the University of Marburg, Germany in 1989. In 1990 he was working as post doc fellow for one year in the European joint research centre in Geel, Belgium. In 1991 he joined the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland in the program for light water reactor safety (PLS). He gained experience in severe accident code assessment with SCDAP/RELAP5 code, using the experiments in the FALCON and CORA facilities. With the CORVIS facility he gained experimental experience in high temperature physics using up to 1 ton of a corium melt simulant at 2400°C to investigate corium-vessel-interactions. After several years performing radiochemical experiments in the hot-laboratory with tagged Methyl-iodide for the investigation of iodine retention in case of a severe accident he came back to severe accident code assessment and model development with the severe accident code MELCOR. Since 2010 he concentrated on spent fuel behavior in international colaborations with US NRC, OECD/NEA, IAEA and the EU NUGENIA program.

Academic Education

  • 1981 Diploma in solid state physics, University of Marburg, Germany
  • 1989 PhD in nuclear chemistry, University of Marburg, Germany

Employment History

  • 01/17-present: Air oxidation model development for SA codes
  • 02/16-04/17: Member of OECD/NEA PIRT for SFP severe accident research
  • 06/15-01/18: Coordinator of Air-SFP Benchmark
  • 03/13-12/14: Member of OECD SFP Status Report writing group
  • 12/12-07/15: Member of IAEA Consultancy group belonging Fukushima SFP data interpretation
  • 11/12-10/13: Member of OECD SFP final seminar organisation team
  • 06/11-02/13: Participant at OECD SFP experiment investigation team
  • 12/11-present: Lecturer for ETHZ MSc course for nuclear engineering
  • 01/11-present: Coordinator of yearly European MELCOR User Group meetings
  • 01/09-present: Code assessment with MELCOR using experimental data from QUENCH, LOFT, ACRR, SFP
  • 01/99-12/08: Planning, performance and analysis of radiochemical experiments in Hot laboratory
  • 01/97-12/98: Severe accident code calculations with IMPAIR, ARES, SCDAP/RELAP5, WECHSL ...
  • 01/93-12/96: Experiment-Preparation and Analysis for CORVIS project
  • 01/91-12/93: Code assessment for SCDAP/RELAP5
  • 01/91-present: Scientist in severe accident research group at PSI, Switzerland
  • 01/90-12/90: Postdoc Fellow, JRC Geel, Belgium
  • 05/86-05/88: Analysis of radiological consequences from Tschernobyl accident

Journal papers

OECD/NEA Sandia Fuel Project phase I: Benchmark of the ignition testing
Adorni M., Herranz L.E., Hollands T., Ahn K.I., Bals C., D'Auria F., Horvath G.L., Jäckel B.S., Kim H.-C., Lee J.-J., Ogino M., Techy Z., Velasquez-Lozada A., Zigh G.A., Rehacek R.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 307, 418 (2016).
DOI: Paper

Large Scale Experiments Simulating Hydrogen Distribution in a Spent Fuel Pool Building During a Hypothetical Fuel Uncovery Accident Scenario
Mignot G., Paranjape S., Paladino D., Jäckel B.S., Rýdl A.
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 48, 881, 1 (2016).
DOI: Paper

Land contamination activity data interpretation from Fukushima Daiichi accident
Jäckel B.S., Bevilacqua A., Ducros G., Gauntt R.O., Stuckert J.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 300, 28 (2016).
DOI: Paper

Status Report on Spent Fuel Pools under Loss-of-Cooling and Loss-of-Coolant Accident Conditions
Adorni M., Esmaili H., Grant W., Hollands T., Hózer Z., Jäckel B.S., Muñoz M., Nakajima T., Rocchi F., Stručić M., Trégourès N., Vokáč P.
NEA/CSNI/R(2015)2 (2015).
DOI: Paper

Status of the spent fuel in the reactor buildings of Fukushima Daiichi 1-4
Jäckel, B.S.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 283, 2 (2015).
DOI: Paper

Synthesis of spent fuel pool accident assessments using severe accident codes
Fleurot J., Lindholm I., Kononen N., Jäckel, B.S., Kaliatka A., Duspiva J., Steinbrück M., Hollands T.
Annals of Nuclear Energy 74, 58 (2014).
DOI: Paper

The predicted effects of selected Phebus FPT1 sump constituents on iodine volatility
Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Jäckel, B.S.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 272, 99 (2014).
DOI: Paper

The PSIodine Code: A computer program to model experimental data on iodine and other species in irradiated CsI solutions sparged with argon, air, or nitrous oxide
Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Jäckel B.S.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 4306 (2011).
DOI: Paper

On the radiolysis of iodide, nitrate and nitrite ions in aqueous solution: An experimental and modelling study
Cripps R.C., Jäckel B.S., Güntay S.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3333 (2011).
DOI: Paper

Experimental and calculation results of the integral reflood test QUENCH-15 with ZIRLO (TM) cladding tubes in comparison with results of previous QUENCH tests
Stuckert J., Birchley J.C., Große M., Jäckel B.S., Steinbrück M.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3224 (2011).
DOI: Paper

Experimental and calculation results of the integral reflood test QUENCH-14 with M5 (R) cladding tubes
Stuckert J., Birchley J.C., Große M., Jäckel B.S., Steinbrück M.
Annals of Nuclear Energy 37, 1036 (2010).
DOI: Paper

Radiochemical studies of the retention of volatile iodine in aqueous solutions
Güntay S., Cripps R.C., Jäckel B.S., Bruchertseifer H.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 273, 557 (2007).
DOI: Paper

Open-Pore Organic Material for Retaining Radioactive I2 and CH3I
Hertzsch T., Gervais C., Hulliger J.*, Jäckel B.S., Güntay S., Bruchertseifer H., Neels A.
Advanced Functional Materials 16, 268 (2005).
DOI: Paper

Development of semi-automated system for preparation of Re-188 aqueous solutions of high and reproducible activity concentrations
Jäckel B.S., Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Bruchertseifer H.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 63, 299 (2005).
DOI: Paper

Iodine behaviour during a severe accident in a nuclear power plant
Güntay S., Cripps R.C., Jäckel B.S., Bruchertseifer H.
Chimia 59, 957 (2005).
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Phebus-FP: Results and significance for plant safety in Switzerland
Birchley J.C., Haste T.J., Bruchertseifer H., Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Jäckel B.S.
Nuclear Engineering and Design 235, 1607 (2005).
DOI: Paper

On the radiolytic decomposition of colloidal silver iodide in aqueous suspension
Güntay S., Cripps R.C., Jäckel B.S., Bruchertseifer H.
Nuclear Technology 150, 303 (2005).
Accession Number: WOS:000228984300007

Analysis of iodine species in aqueous solutions
Bruchertseifer H., Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Jäckel B.S.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 375, 1107 (2003).
DOI: Paper

Fission product iodine release and retention in nuclear reactor accidents - experimental programme at PSI
Bruchertseifer H., Cripps R.C., Güntay S., Jäckel B.S.
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 53, 611 (2003).
DOI: Paper

CORVIS. Investigation of light water reactor lower head failure modes
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Nuclear Engineering and Design 168, 77 (1997).
DOI: Paper

CORVIS - Researching Reactor Pressure-Vessel Melt Through
Hirschmann H., Hosemann J.P., Jäckel B.S.
Nuclear Engineering International 40, 34 (1995).
Accession Number: WOS:A1995QV82300011

Mass and Charge Flow in the reaction 7.1 MeV/u Au-197 + Cu-63
Jäckel B.S., Rox A., Esterlund B.A., Westmaier W., Knaack M., Patzelt P.
Zeitschrift für Physik A-Hadrons and Nuclei 339, 475 (1991).
DOI: Paper

Dynamic Contributions to Symmetric Fragmentation Processes
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Physics Letters B 232, 37 (1989).
DOI: Paper

On the Photopeak Efficiency of Germanium Gamma-Ray Detectors
Jäckel B.S., Westmaier W., Patzelt P.
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A - Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and associated Equipment 261, 543 (1987).
DOI: Paper

Studies on the Biological Half-Life of Cesium in Roe Deer
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Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft 33, 89 (1987).
DOI: Paper

Conference Proceedings

Progression of Postulated Severe Accidents in the Wet Storage Pool of NPP Gösgen-Däniken
Jäckel B.S., Steiner P., Klügel J.-U.
NENE, Bled (2017).

Severe accident code to code comparison for two accident scenarios in a spent fuel pool
Coindreau O., Jäckel B.S., Rocchi F., Alcaro F., Angelova D., Bandini G., Barnak M., Behler M., Da Cruz D.F., Dagan R., Drai P., Ederli S., Herranz L.E., Hollands T., Horvath G.L., Kaliatka A., Kljenak I., Kotsuba O., Lind T.M., López C., Mancheva K., Matejovic P., Matkovič M., Steinbrück M., Stempniewicz M., Thomas R., Vileiniskis V., Visser D.C., Vokáč P., Vorobyov Y., Zhabin O.
ERMSAR, Warsaw (2017).

Analysis of Fukushima Daiichi NPP Unit 3 with MELCOR_2.1
Fernandez-Moguel L., Rýdl A., Jaeckel B.S.
16th NURETH Conference (2015).

Melt-Concrete Interface Heat Transfer Models and Coolability Models: PWR Analyses with MELCOR/CORCON and CORQUENCH
Rýdl A., Jaeckel B.S., Kluegel J.-U., Steiner P.
16th NURETH Conference (2015).

Spent Fuel Pool Under Severe Accident Conditions
Jaeckel B.S., Birchley J.C., Fernandez-Moguel L.
ICONE22, Prague (2014).

Long Term SBO With Selected Mitigative Measures: MELCOR Parametric Calculations for a 2-Loop PWR
Rýdl A., Jaeckel B.S., Birchley J.C., Lind T.M.
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SARNET synthesis of Spent Fuel Pool accident assessments using accident codes
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Status of the Spent Fuel in the Reactor Buildings of Fukushima Daiichi 1-4
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Progress in SARNET2 WP5-2 Research: Melt Pool Behavior and Coolability in the Lower Head of a Light Water Reactor
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Post-Test Analysis of the Quench-13 Bundle Test Including an Ag-In-Cd Absorber Rod
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Drain Lain Melt Through Experiment Under Water-free Conditions
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