Dr. Natacha Gaillard


Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Microtubules are dynamic filaments composed of -tubulin and implicated in a wide range of cellular processes. They are involved in the organization of intracellular structures and in the intracellular transport, drive chromosome segregation during cell division, influence cell polarity and morphogenesis, and form the core of cilia and flagella. Centrioles are evolutionary conserved, barrel-shaped structures made up of nine sets of microtubule triplets and are fundamental for the assembly of cilia and flagella. Structural or functional centriole aberrations are associated with ciliopathies, a variety of complex diseases that stem from the absence or the dysfunction of cilia. Understanding centriole assembly and architecture is a prerequisite in order to better understand human diseases related to centriole aberrations.  I use structural biology techniques (X-ray crystallography, serial crystallography at the synchrotron, electron microscopy) in combination with biophysical, biochemical and cell biology approaches to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in centriole/basal body biogenesis and structure. 


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