Videoconferencing Software (Vidyo)

Brief description

As standard desktop videoconferencing software, Vidyo is provided by our partner "Switch" and supported by the Information technology department (AIT).

To login to the service, PSI credentials can be used ( SWITCHaai). The users receive a personal virtual room in which they can carry out video conferences.

Additional participants can be invited using an e-mail link generated from instide the Vidyo application.


The Vidyo software supports the following functions:

  • Participation via telephone (DialIn)
  • Support of SmartPhones/Tablets (App)
  • Chat function
  • Notes function
  • Whiteboard
  • Share applications


The software can be installed/used as follows:

  • Windows:
    • Installation of "Vidyo" via Softwarekiosk (manual)
    • Login with the PSI login data (AAI)
    • Please do not use the software provided on the Switch Vidyoportal URL.
  • Linux/Mac systems:
  • SmartPhone/Tablets:
    • Download of the app "Vidyo Connect" from the AppStore
    • Portal address:
    • Login with the PSI login data (AAI)

Functional overview

Here are the most important functions within the software VidyoConnect:

1. Device settings

Here you can select the devices to be used such as camera, microphone and speakers.


2. Entering your virtual room

Once you have entered your room, you will find your invited paricipants here.


3. Making the virtual room joinable to other participants

It is important that your room is unlocked, otherwise invited people cannot enter your virtual room.


4. Add/change access code for your virtual room.

When discussing confidential topics, we recommend defining a room code for participation. Please remember to use a different code for video conferences that take place immediately afterwards and to inform the participants of this code in the invitation via outlook.

5. Invitations are opened by Outlook

Sent this mail to your participants to invite them to your video conference

To conduct a videoconference (step by step)

Use the following steps to conduct a videoconference with one or more people:


During the videoconference

During the conference you have the following functions

Important moderation functions

  • Mute a participant's microphone (e.g. in case of audio feedback effects)

Troubleshooting (FAQ)

After the video conference

After completing the videoconference it is recommended to lock the room.

If you are going to hold another videoconference immediately afterwards, it is recommended to change the access code to the room.

Further documentation

Further information on how to use the software can be found under the following link: is external)