Sending data to a non-PSI user.
Receiving data from a non-PSI user.
Typically, for example, a file for an e-mail attachement is to large.
A PSI user would like to send one ore more (up to five per request) files. The external partner can then pick up these (download). Maximal file size: 5GB per file.
A non-PSI user wants to send one or more files (up to five per request) to a PSI employee. The internal partner can then pick up these (download). Maximal file size: 5GB per file.
This approach applies to external, non PSI users, but can also be generally applied under PSI internal users.
  • You need an AD Account (so called Windows Account) and a configured email address.
    DataTrans Login Internet Explorer https://datatrans.psi.ch
  • Protocols: https SSL encrypted HTTP (Port# 443), explicit FTP over SSL/TLS (Port# 21), implicit FTPS over SSL/TLS (Port# 990)
  • Use FileZilla as FTP client software.
  • Using your AD (Windows) Username
PSI acceptable use policy:
  • Computing resources shall primarily be used to fulfil work related duties. Reasonable personal use is permitted if it does not interfere with the normal operation of any PSI resources. Use of any PSI computing resources for private commercial activities is forbidden.
  • The use of the ftp server must not harm in any way PSI's reputation. Specifically, distributing, storing and providing of pornographic,racist threatening or harassing, or otherwise illegal material is not allowed. Use of PSI computing resources for fraud or any other unlawful purposes is forbidden.
  • Using the ftp server to distribute or storing copyrighted material without the proper permission is not permitted.
  • The functionality described was tested using PSI standard Windows 7 Desktop and Windows Internet Explorer.
  • It's not possible to upload files larger then 5GB.
  • SFTP connections are not possible.
  • The idle connection timeout is 20min.
  • The session timeout is 600min.
  • The available disk space for each user is 50GB
  • Active FTP transfer mode is disabled, please use passive mode instead.
All activities on the datatrans.psi.ch server are logged.
ftptrans.psi.ch provides the opportunity for all PSI employees to exchange data quickly, safely and easily. The anonymous access could therefore be eliminated.

The so called FTP project accounts are running on the server ftptrans.psi.ch and can be ordered here or send an e-mail to helpdesk@psi.ch. If you need for example more storage or non-encrypted FTP access, we encourage you to order an FTP project account.

If you need an FTP service for several participants, for example your research group, you have now the possibility to manage a group yourself: As an administrator you add or delete group members, manage the directory structure and assign permissions.

If you need even more flexibility for data exchange, you have the option to operate your own FTP server.

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the appropriate data exchange solution.