31. March 2020

Support during Corona

On this page, you will find helpful tools and links for families and others who need to combine care work and home office during Corona. The current circumstances considerably influence our work.


Home Office and Child Care

Parents who are working remotely from home and are not able to look after their children at the same time, have the opportunity to organize themselves with others. This way they can form groups of maximally five children who can be taken care for. These groups are to be kept constant. For more information see go to item "May children meet privately with their friends to play?"and (German only).

If you are not yet well connected to your neighborhood (e.g. recently moved here from abroad) and need or can offer childcare locally, the following spreadsheet can be used as a template and can help you coordinate childcare with other families in your area: Corona Child Care Support List (For PSI Employees see here.)

The following link directs to groups that have already formed help organizations (German and French only).


Videos etc on How to Explain Coronavirus to Children and Other Helpful Tipps

The following link contains a film by the city of Vienna in which Corona is explained to children as well as related regulations: (German with English subtitles).

The following link contains information for children on how to wash their hands properly: (German with English subtitles).

The following link contains a film on a teacher who shows pupils how important it is to wash their hands: (German only, original Video is in English).

Educational reading platform for children between four and nine years with animated children's books (first month with free license/ Books available in English and German):


Note on KIWI 

I work for a "vital" service on site and have no care facilities for my children. Does PSI offer support? Our Kita Kiwi offers day care for children of all ages in this extraordinary situation. Please contact the head of the Day Care Center, Mrs Simone Brunner, 056 310 21 89



PSI Internal Advisory Offices

The Equal Opportunities Committee at PSI is an information source for all employees on questions concerning equal opportunities. All contacts can be found in the right-hand side panel.

PSI counsulting network:


External Advisory Offices

The social counselor Guido Toivanen is available for consultations via Skype, Zoom etc.

Phone:   079 810 14 81

Mobile:  +41 79 810 14 81 / also Whatsapp

Skype:     Guido Toivanen   / live:gmark886

E-mail: /


Further Consulting

Link to "Responding to Coronavirus: Resources and Support" by the British Psychological Society:

Link to "How to survive domestic isolation and quarantine well" from the Federation of Swiss Psychologists: (German, French and Italian only)


Help with Domestic Violence 

According to the assessment of the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (EBG), the measures taken may lead to a increase in domestic violence in the coming weeks.

If you or someone close to you experiences domestic violence, contact the police or these counseling centers directly:

Police: 117

Victim Assistance Switzerland:

The Presented Hand: (German, French, Italian only)

Women's shelters in Switzerland (these are still open):

(German and French only)

Girls' house: https://mä

Men's house: (German only)



28. Februar 2020

Poster Campaign «Werde Wissenschaftlerin!» «Werde Ingenieurin!» «Werde Technikerin!»

Only about every fourth position in the natural sciences, technology and engineering in Switzerland is filled by a woman.[1] At PSI, the ratio of women to men in these fields is not different. That is why PSI would like to set an example and provide female role models on the International Women's Day on 8 March. On posters in Baden, Brugg and Aarau, PSI is showing female natural scientists, technicians and engineers who provide information about why they have chosen this profession and what fascinates them about their work.

With this campaign we want to motivate more young women to choose careers in these fields. This would foster diversity as well as counteract the lack of qualified personnel in these fields.

The posters will be shown for two weeks from 2nd March on at the above mentioned locations and online on LinkedIn.

[1] see Federal Statistical Office, Numbers of 2017,, visited on 23.2.2020.