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The PSI Career Center supports PSI staff with career-related questions since 2018. Our services are mainly aimed at PhD students and postdocs. Other PSI employees can take advantage of them provided there is capacity, and after agreement with HR.

Vision & Mission

The goals of our work, our mission, and self-conception are described in our vision.


We offer services for PSI employees, companies, and external clients.

About us

Get to know the people behind the PSI Career Center.

Thanks a lot for interesting insights and an inspiring exchange! Looking forward to passing on the knowledge in the next Workshop for Supervisors or the mentoring programme. 

What does it take for an application to stand out and how does the recruiting process work? We got behind-the-scenes insights, learned to read job ads and anticipate interview questions and played it through. Thanks everyone for this fun course!

Thank you Lothar and Nina from Lib4RI for great insights into increasing our visibility as researchers, and getting our papers prominently out there. Also a big thank you to Emiliya for hosting the event, and Martin for the help with logistics!

More tools and methods are now available to help you get clarity, identify goals and next career steps, or support decision making processes. I still focus on meeting you where you are at the moment, providing room for you to explore and find your own solutions and answers in a supportive and resource-oriented environment. 

Looking back on a successful Round 5 of CONNECT! A big thank you to all involved institutions, partner companies and sponsors for another great set of visits and workshops, paving the way for ambitious and highly qualified female STEM scientists to take on expert or leader roles in industry and the public sector. Not only did we get inspired, but we also developed the confidence to take the next career step. 

Check out the annual report (in German) to learn more about the PSI Career Center's activities throughout 2023, related figures and feedback, and plans for 2024. 


For partners and sponsors of the CONNECT program, check the CONNECT website