Amogha Pandeshwar

photo of Amogha Pandeshwar

PhD student

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Amogha Pandeshwar is a PhD student in the X-ray Tomography Group at Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH Zürich since December, 2016. He received his MSc in Biomedical Engineering - Bioimaging from from ETH Zürich in September, 2016.  

Amogha’s research focuses on the application of grating interferometry for imaging of Fuel cell Catalyst layer samples. For Fuel cells to be commercially viable, water transport characteristics in Catalyst layer needs to be better understood. As Catalyst layer consists of nanometer sized pores, grating interferometry is useful to get information about water transport in these pores over large field of view.

Amogha's PhD is carried out in collaboration with the Electrochemistry group (PSI) .

Modeling of beam hardening effects in a dual-phase X-ray grating interferometer for quantitative dark-field imaging   Amogha Pandeshwar, Matias Kagias, Zhentian Wang, and Marco Stampanoni. Optics Express, Vol. 28, Issue 13, pp. 19187-19204 (2020) 

Circular Unit Cell Gratings for X-ray Dark-Field Imaging  Matias Kagias, Amogha Pandeshwar, Zhentian Wang, Pablo Villanueva-Perez, Konstantins Jefimovs, Marco Stampanoni. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol.849, pp. 012053 - 012057 (2017)