Journal Papers 2018

Contribution to the understanding of iodine transport under primary circuit conditions: Csi/Cd and Csi/Ag interactions in condensed phase
Mélany Gouëlloa, Jarmo Kalilainen, Teemu Kärkelä, Ari Auvinen
Nuclear Materials and Energy (2018)

Modeling of Aerosol Fission Product Scrubbing in Experiments and in Integral Severe Accident Scenarios
A. Rydl, L. Fernandez-Moguel, T.M. Lind
Nuclear Technology October 2018

Updated analysis of Fukushima unit 3 with MELCOR 2.1. Part 1:Thermal-hydraulic analysis
L.Fernandez-Moguel, A. Rydl, T.M. Lind
Annals of Nuclear Energy 123 (2019) 59-77)

Measurements and LES computations of a turbulent particle-laden flow inside a cubical differentially heated cavity
H. Kim, A. Dehbi, J. Kalilainen
Atmospheric Environment 186 (2018) 216–228

Severe accident code-to-code comparison for two accident scenarios in a spent fuel pool
O. Coindreau, B.S. Jaeckel, F. Rocchi, F. Alcaro, D. Angelova, G. Bandini, M. Barnak, M. Behler, D.F. Da Cruz, R. Dagan, P. Drai, S. Ederli, L.E. Herranz, T. Hollands, G. Horvath, A. Kaliatka, I. Kljenak, O. Kotsuba, T.M. Lind, C. López, K. Mancheva, P. Matejovic, M. Matkovic, M. Steinbrück, M. Stempniewicz, R. Thomas, V. Vileiniskis, D.C. Visser, P. Vokác, Y. Vorobyov, O. Zhabin
Annals of Nuclear Energy

Main results of the European PASSAM project on severe accident source term mitigation
T. Albiol, L.E. Herranz, E. Riera, C. Dalibart, T.M. Lind, A. Del Corno, T. Kärkelä, N. Losch, B. Azambre, C. Mun, L. Cantrel
Annals of Nuclear Energy 116, 42

Experimental studies on retention of iodine in a wet scrubber
I. Beghi, T.M. Lind, H.-M. Prasser
Nuclear Engineering and Design 326, 234