Dr. Johannes Ihli

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI


Johannes Ihli received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Leeds, investigating single-crystal composites, amorphous materials and crystallization processes using various electron, fluorescence and X-ray imaging techniques.  This was followed by postdoctoral appointments with the Coherent X-ray Scattering Group at the Paul Scherrer Institute, the Heterogeneous Catalysis group at ETH Zürich and the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford. Research here focused on the characterization of functional composite materials, such as heterogeneous catalysts, biominerals and energy storage materials, using coherent diffraction imaging and multimodal tomography techniques.  Upon receiving an Ambizione research grant, he returned to the PSI, working on the development and application of quantitative spectroscopic X-ray-nanotomography to provide a correlated structural, compositional and chemical characterization of hierarchically structured materials.


Selected Publications

A complete list of publications can be found here.  PSI affiliated publications can be accessed through DORA.


Mechanical adaptation of brachiopod shells via hydration-induced structural changes

Ihli, J.;  Schenk, A. S.;  Rosenfeldt, S.;  Wakonig, K.;  Holler, M.;  Falini, G.;  Pasquini, L.;  Delacou, E.;  Buckman, J.;  Glen, T. S.;  Kress, T.;  Tsai, E. H. R.;  Reid, D. G.;  Duer, M. J.;  Cusack, M.; Nudelman, F.,  Nature Communications 2021, 12 (1), 5383.

Sparse ab initio x-ray transmission spectrotomography for nanoscopic compositional analysis of functional materials

Gao, Z.;  Odstrcil, M.;  Böcklein, S.;  Palagin, D.;  Holler, M.;  Sanchez, D. F.;  Krumeich, F.;  Menzel, A.;  Stampanoni, M.;  Mestl, G.;  Bokhoven, J. A. v.;  Guizar-Sicairos, M.; Ihli, J.,  Science Advances 2021, 7 (24), eabf6971.

Visualizing plating-induced cracking in lithium-anode solid-electrolyte cells

Ning, Z.;  Jolly, D. S.;  Li, G.;  De Meyere, R.;  Pu, S. D.;  Chen, Y.;  Kasemchainan, J.;  Ihli, J.;  Gong, C.;  Liu, B.;  Melvin, D. L. R.;  Bonnin, A.;  Magdysyuk, O.;  Adamson, P.;  Hartley, G. O.;  Monroe, C. W.;  Marrow, T. J.; Bruce, P. G.,  Nature Materials 2021, 20 (8), 1121-1129.

Spatio-Chemical Heterogeneity of Defect-Engineered Metal–Organic Framework Crystals Revealed by Full-Field Tomographic X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Ferreira Sanchez, D.;  Ihli, J.;  Zhang, D.;  Rohrbach, T.;  Zimmermann, P.;  Lee, J.;  Borca, C. N.;  Böhlen, N.;  Grolimund, D.;  van Bokhoven, J. A.; Ranocchiari, M.,.  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021, 60 (18), 10032-10039.

Ptychographic X-ray tomography reveals additive zoning in nanocomposite single crystals

Ihli, J.*;  Levenstein, M. A.*;  Kim, Y.-Y.;  Wakonig, K.;  Ning, Y.;  Tatani, A.;  Kulak, A. N.;  Green, D. C.;  Holler, M.;  Armes, S. P.; Meldrum, F. C.,  Chemical Science 2020, 11 (2), 355-363.

Nanoscale crystal grain characterization via linear polarization X-ray ptychography

Gao, Z.;  Holler, M.;  Odstrcil, M.;  Menzel, A.;  Guizar-Sicairos, M.; Ihli, J.,  Chemical Communications 2020, 56 (87), 13373-13376.

Super-Resolution Microscopy Reveals Shape and Distribution of Dislocations in Single-Crystal Nanocomposites

Ihli, J.;  Green, D. C.;  Lynch, C.;  Holden, M. A.;  Lee, P. A.;  Zhang, S.;  Robinson, I. K.;  Webb, S. E. D.; Meldrum, F. C.,  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2019, 58 (48), 17328-17334.

Resonant Ptychographic Tomography Facilitates Three-Dimensional Quantitative Colocalization of Catalyst Components and Chemical Elements

Ihli, J.;  Diaz, A.;  Shu, Y.;  Guizar-Sicairos, M.;  Holler, M.;  Wakonig, K.;  Odstrcil, M.;  Li, T.;  Krumeich, F.;  Müller, E.;  Cheng, W.-C.;  Anton van Bokhoven, J.; Menzel, A.,  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122 (40), 22920-22929.

A three-dimensional view of structural changes caused by deactivation of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts

Ihli, J.;  Jacob, R. R.;  Holler, M.;  Guizar-Sicairos, M.;  Diaz, A.;  da Silva, J. C.;  Ferreira Sanchez, D.;  Krumeich, F.;  Grolimund, D.;  Taddei, M.;  Cheng, W. C.;  Shu, Y.;  Menzel, A.; van Bokhoven, J. A.,  Nature Communications 2017, 8 (1), 809.

Strain-relief by single dislocation loops in calcite crystals grown on self-assembled monolayers

Ihli, J.*;  Clark, J. N.*;  Côté, A. S.;  Kim, Y.-Y.;  Schenk, A. S.;  Kulak, A. N.;  Comyn, T. P.;  Chammas, O.;  Harder, R. J.;  Duffy, D. M.;  Robinson, I. K.; Meldrum, F. C.,  Nature Communications 2016, 7 (1), 11878.

Three-dimensional imaging of dislocation propagation during crystal growth and dissolution

Clark, J. N.*;  Ihli, J.*;  Schenk, A. S.;  Kim, Y.-Y.;  Kulak, A. N.;  Campbell, J. M.;  Nisbet, G.;  Meldrum, F. C.; Robinson, I. K.,  Nature Materials 2015, 14 (8), 780-784.

Dehydration and crystallization of amorphous calcium carbonate in solution and in air

Ihli, J.;  Wong, W. C.;  Noel, E. H.;  Kim, Y.-Y.;  Kulak, A. N.;  Christenson, H. K.;  Duer, M. J.; Meldrum, F. C.,  Nature Communications 2014, 5 (1), 3169.