Dr. Fabian Mahrt


Postdoc Fellow

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

I am an experimental atmospheric scientist with a strong interest in aerosol particles. Aerosol particles - small particulate suspensions in air - are ubiquitous in the atmosphere. They contribute to air pollution and considerably affect human health. Aerosols also impact Earth’s energy budget, with aerosol-cloud interactions contributing the largest uncertainties in predicting the anthropogenic impacts for future climate.

My scientific interests revolve around investigating the chemical and microphysical properties of aerosol particles and to explore how these are linked to various atmospheric processes, as evident in my ongoing and past research: In my PhD studies I investigated aerosol-cloud interactions, with a focus on understanding the ice nucleation abilities of soot particles. In my PostDoc studies I am working on topics related to physical chemistry of aerosols, with a focus on exploring the phase behavior and phase transitions in organic aerosol particles.

Details can be found in the work linked below. Please reach out if you have questions or are interested to learn more.


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