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Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Please read and understand this information before setting up your Smartphone to connect with the Mail Server. It is imperative that you update your smartphone operating system regularly, in particular the security patches. See e.g. Datensicherheit auf dem iphone (german) for more information.

When you have the possibility, use the available public WLANs, in particular when you are outside Switzerland. Depending on which country you are visiting, the roaming charges may be considerable when you are fetching your mails and using the Internet! Use a manual Mail Fetch/Push rather than scheduling a mail refresh at regular intervals.

Our support for smartphones and tablet is provided on a best-effort basis - in general you can assume that the latest devices are not well supported. This is currently particularly true for Windows Mobile devices. In particular, adding mobile devices to the Windows domain is not currently supported.

Also we do not recommend to use iTunes to synchronise Outlook and Apple devices. This is unneeded with the setup described here and my even cause data loss (some customers have lost all of their Outlook appointments which had to be restored in a costly process).

What is the corporate lock?

Important to understand if you wish to connect to the Mail Server (which is hosted at ETH)
ETH has a Corporate Lock policy enabled on the mail exchange server, which is there to protect any phone data should your phone be stolen. After an inactivity period, typically 10-30mins, the Corporate Lock policy switches on - how the smartphone behaves when this happens is different in each case. It may also be different on a phone which has a screensaver password feature. You can reset the inactivity period with the password but there is a maximum time, remember this corporate lock is there to protect access to your company data - but you cannot disable it because during the next syncronisation, the corporate lock is automatically re-enabled! On the iPhone, our corporate lock is referred to as the "Passcode". Other manufacturers use other names. If this corporate lock is a problem for you on your private phone and you just wish to syncronize say, the calendar, we also have the option of using IMAP, bluetooth or USB sync solutions usually provided with the phone, but please password protect your phone in all cases!

Note that currently, it is possible for ETH (and yourself) to remotely wipe your smartphone in case it was stolen.

How to install a Smartphone/Tablet for connecting to the ETH Exchange Server

For connecting to the ETH Exchange Mail Server using active sync, you will need to use the following information:
  • Your PSI email address, username and password.
  • The domain is psich (a common user error is to use psi.ch and not psich for the domain name!)
  • For the server name, you should use mail.ethz.ch , you should also select SSL if you see this option.
During installation you will at some time be asked to set a password/PIN/passcode, this is the corporate lock password not to be confused with entering your email password! This occurs typically when you first connect to the exchange server with mail.ethz.ch. You should preferably choose just 4-character or a 4-digit PIN (the minimum required setting) but no more than necessary - keep it simple. Note that "swipe lock" (using a gesture) is not supported. Set it and note it well (in a password safe), since this is usually used when the corporate lock feature switches on and when you need to change the corporate lock inactivity setting. Failure to enter this password correctly can render the phone totally inaccessible and not only block you from your mail data! Without entering the corporate lock password, you can then only use your smartphone to receive calls, nothing else! To make any calls, use SMS, Mails, switch off alarms etc., you need first to unlock the phone with this password! If you forget this corporate lock password, there will probably be a charge to have it reset by the phone service provider and all data on the phone will be lost.