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Public Internet Access

The public internet access is a service for guest scientists or conference visitors at PSI. A selection of systems running Linux or Windows are made available to give you easy access to read mail, fetch data etc. Users may also connect their own laptops to the Public Internet to obtain these services.

Where can I connect my PC?
In every guestroom there is a socket with two jacks. The right one is for the network. Please use a LAN cable with RJ45 connectors.

Where to go now?
After you have connected, your PC will automatically be assigned an IP address. Please enable DHCP for this. Now you are connected to the PSI guestnet.

Which services are available?
Now you can use the internet and access your e-mails

How do I get on the PSI intranet?
You need a valid PSI NT account and a special VPN software which you can download here.
Software: http://www.psi.ch/computing/vpn
Account: http://i.psi.ch/gLMS

My notebook was working on the guestnet before. Now it seems to be broken. What could be the problem ?
If you connect your computer to the guestnet, sometimes it retains it's old ip address
In this case run a command by pressing (START, RUN)and type:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Who can I ask for more information?
Computing Helpdesk:
Telephon: 8400 (8pm - 5pm)
E-Mail: helpdesk@psi.ch