Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Typical questions from our AIT Service Desk concerning iPad, iPhone, Android and a also few other smartphones too:
  1. Your smartphone no longer synchronises with the server, what could be the reason?:
    Have you changed your Windows/Email password recently?
    If this is the case, reset this Email Password also in your Smartphone.
  2. The Nokia E51: uses a preset hidden code as the pre-expired Corporate Lock code
    if you don't know this, your phone will be blocked completely when you first connect to the PSI mail server!
  3. The 'Corporate Lock' is a problem for you on your private phone? Then use the 'IMAPS/SMTPS' Mail Configuration Information: Remember it is your responsibility to protect PSI data on your phone! For multiple mail accounts on Android phones, we would recommend using the free K-9 Mail App.
    1. Receiving/fetching PSI mail: use 'IMAPS' SSL Port 993 to set up your phone.
    2. Sending: use PSI's 'SMTPS' TLS Port 587 or set up "mail send" using your own service provider Mail SMTP Server to send mails from this account (Sunrise, Swisscom or Orange for example)
      Make sure you set up your mail identity to use the correct Reply-To address!