CMT seminar / past speaker


29/05/2012: Dr. Xavier Deupi, PSI
Activation mechanism of G protein-coupled receptors

20/03/2012: Dr. Shigeki Onoda, RIKEN
Magnetic Coulomb liquid and Higgs transition in rare-earth magnetic pyrochlore oxides

23/01/2012: Heidar Moradi, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
Higher Spin Gravity and W_n Minimal Models


21/12/2011: Dr. Andreas Schnyder, Max Planck Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung Stuttgart
Gapped and gapless topological phases in condensed matter systems

14/12/2011: Dr. Nicolas Regnault (LPA, ENS Paris)
From FQHE to fractional Chern Insulators

19/09/2011: Dr. Jun Goryo, ETH Zurich
Kane-Mele model for honeycomb topological insulator and electron-electron interactions

20/07/2011: Maresa Rieder, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Conductance of partially equilibrated quantum wires

14/07/2011: Prof. Adrian Feiguin, University of Wyoming
Toward a unified description of spin incoherent behavior at zero and finite temperatures

06/07/2011: Dr. Maurizio Storni, PSI
Non-Abelian braiding statistics in the fractional quantum Hall state at filling factor nu=5/2: Exact diagonalization investigations

22/06/2011: Prof. Nicholas d'Ambrumenil, University of Warwick
Non-Equilibrium Fermi Edge Singularity in Mesoscopic Devices

19/05/2011: Titus Neupert, Condensed Matter Theory Group, PSI
Topological insulators: Berry's phase, topological invariants and magnetic monopoles

12/05/2011: Dr. Marc Laver, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, PSI
Magnetic flux lines in type-II superconductors and the ``hairy ball'' theorem

26/04/2011: Prof. Bruce Normand, Renmin University, Beijing, China
Multicoloured QDMs, RVB states, colour visons, and the triangular-lattice t_{2g} spin-orbital system

31/03/2011: Dr. Yasmine Sassa, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, PSI
ARPES investigations on in situ PLD grown Y Ba_{2} Cu_{3} O_{7-\delta}

29/03/2011: Prof. Bruce Normand, Renmin University, Beijing, China
Non-magnetic impurities and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya anisotropy in the S = 1/2 kagome system Zn Cu_{3} (OH)_{6} Cl_{2}


06/12/2010: Dr. Rudolf Morf, Condensed Matter Theory Group, PSI
Vortices in a Fractional Quantum Hall state with Non-Abelian Statistics: Are they realized?

08/11/2010: Sebastian Guerrero, Condensed Matter Theory Group, PSI
Effective average action for anisotropic magnetic systems

11/10/2010: Prof. Denis I. Golosov, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
New Correlated Model of Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganese Oxides

01/10/2010: Titus Neupert, Condensed Matter Theory Group, PSI
Zero-energy states in two-dimensional superconductors: Creating a chain of Majorana fermions

23/09/2010: Prof. Philipp Werner, ETHZ
Dynamical screening in correlated electron materials

21/09/2010: Dr.\ Xavier Deupi, Condensed Matter Theory Group, PSI
Mechanisms of drug action in proteins: structural bioinformatics of G protein-coupled receptors

18/05/2010: Dr. David Pekker, Harvard University
Finding the elusive sliding phase in superfluid-normal phase transition smeared by correlated disorder

23/03/2010: Dr. Maurits W. Haverkort, Max Planck Institut for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Interplay between Lattice, Charge, Spin and Orbital Degrees of Freedom in Transition Metal Compounds

18/03/2010: Prof. Philipp Werner, ETHZ
Dynamical mean field approach to correlated electron systems in and out of equilibrium

16/03/2010: Dr.\ Andreas Lauchli, Max Planck Institut, Physik Komplexer Systems
Exotic ground states of quantum spin systems in high magnetic fields

10/03/2010: Prof. Dima Ivanov, EPFL
quasiparticle renormalization and staggered-flux correlations

09/03/2010: Dr. Michel Ferrero, Ecole Polytechnique
New insights into the nodal/antinodal dichotomy of cuprate superconductors from a ``valence-bond dynamical mean-field'' approach

02/03/2010: Dr. Claudio Castelnovo, Oxford University
Manifestations of monopole physics in spin ice materials

23/02/2010: Dr. David Pekker, Harvard University
Learning about dynamics of condensed matter systems from ultra-cold atoms

09/02/2010: Dr. Andriy Nevidomskyy, Center for Materials Theory, Rutgers University
A tale of two metals: fragility and quantum emergence in YbAlB4

02/02/2010: Dr. Lorenzo de Leo, Ecole Polytechnique
Heavy fermion criticality: an example of competition in strongly correlated materials

26/01/2010: Dr. Andreas Schnyder, Max-Planck-Institut for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Frustrated quantum magnetism in volborthite and FeSc2S4


19/08/2009: Prof. Arnaud Ralko, Neel Institut, Grenoble
Emergence of Mixed Quantum Phases in Spin-1/2 Systems

25/06/2009: Prof. Brijesh Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
A new approach to the Hubbard model

23/06/2009: Dr. Francois Vernay, PSI
A theoretical introduction to X-ray spectroscopies on strongly correlated materials

07/05/2009: Dr. Peter Derlet, PSI
The atomistic modeling of ferromagnetic BCC Fe

26/03/2009: Titus Neupert, ETHZ
Coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in non-centrosymmetric materials


12/06/2008: Prof. Nicholas d'Ambrumenil, Warwick University
Full Counting Statistics as Geometry

20/05/2008: Dr. Markus Mueller, Harvard University
Quantum-critical relativistic magnetotransport in graphene

04/03/2008: Dr. Claudia Filippi, Instituut-Lorentz, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands
Autofluorescent proteins: Do first-principle calculations have predictive power?

06/02/2008: Dr. Ilya Eremin, Max-Planck Institut fuer Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden
Signatures of non-monotonic d-wave gap in electron-doped cuprates

30/01/2008: Prof. Yasuhiro Hatsugai, Institute of Physics, Univ. of Tsukuba
Spin Liquids with Fractionalization: Berry Phases and Entanglement Entropy

23/01/2008: Dr. Lara Benfatto, University of Rome La Sapienza
Lack of universal behavior of the Kosterlitz-Thouless phase fluctuations in cuprate superconductors

16/01/2008: Dr. Claudio Castelnovo, Oxford University
Magnetic monopoles in spin ice


07/11/2007: Prof. Yakov Kopelevich, University of Campinas and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Graphene physics in graphite

31/08/2007: Dr. B. Normand, EPFL
High-dimensional fractionalisation and spinon deconfinement in pyrochlore antiferromagnets

27/06/2007: Prof. Akira Furusaki, RIKEN
Asymmetric zero-bias anomaly in 1D strongly interacting electron system

12/06/2007: Dr. Hakan Tureci, ETHZ
Nonlinear Manifestations of Disorder and Chaos in Mesoscopic Optical Systems

19/04/2007: Prof. Piet Brouwer, Cornell University
"Spin transfer": all-electrical manipulation of nanoscale magnets

12/04/2007: Dr. Bruce Normand, Universite de Fribourg
Exchange interactions and high-energy spin states in Mn_{12}-acetate

07/03/2007: Prof. A. G. Abanov, EPFL and SUNY Stony Brook
Dispersive shock waves in interacting one-dimensional systems and edge states of fractional QHE

01/03/2007: Dr. Francois Vernay, University of Waterloo
Shining a Light on Mott Insulators

22/02/2007: Dr. George Jackeli, EPFL
Spin gaps and dimer phases in orbitally degenerate quantum magnets

31/01/2007: Dr. Misha Titov, University of Konstanz
Scattering approach to the charge transport in graphene


20/12/2006: Prof. Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside
Theory of the phase diagram of the cuprates

23/06/2006: Dr. Mosca Conte SISSA, Trieste
Highly-Ordered arrays of Terbium double-decker single molecular magnets on surfaces

22/06/2006: Dr. Teodora Todorova, University of Zurich
Molecular dynamics simulations of CaCl2 aqueous solutions

07/06/2006: Prof. Jens Jensen, Niels Bohr Institute
Magnetic and quadrupolar phases in superconducting rare-earth borocarbides

05/04/2006: Dr. Philipp Werner, Columbia University
A continuous-time solver for quantum impurity models

22/03/2006: Dr. Andreas Laeuchli, IRRMA and EPFL
Spin nematic phases in 2D quantum magnets


21/12/2005: Dr. Benedikt Binz, University of California, Berkeley
Pattern formation in itinerant heli- and metamagnets

09/11/2005: Prof. Ilya Gruzberg, University of Chicago
Surface criticality and multifractality at localization transitions

28/07/2005: Dr. Dirk Manske, Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Theory for the elementary excitations in high-Tc cuprates: kink, resonance peak and the pairing mechanism

20/07/2005: Prof. Pierre Pujol, ENS Lyon
Criticality in random quantum Ising chains with competing interactions

19/07/2005: Claudio Castelnovo, Boston University
Exotic Physics in a quantum three-coloring model: quantum glassiness along a line of critical points

29/06/2005: Dr. Jean Baptiste Fouet, EPFL
Field induced gap in the presence of SU(2) breking interactions

22/06/2005: Cedric Weber, EPFL
Finite-temperature properties of frustrated classical spins coupled to the lattice

15/06/2005: Prof. Jean-Sebastien Caux, University of Amsterdam
Computation of dynamical correlation functions of Heisenberg spin chains

08/06/2005: Prof. Kazumi Maki, University of Southern California
High Tc cuprates in a nutshell

01/06/2005: Prof. Wolfgang Belzig, University of Basel
Density correlations in ultracold atomic Fermi gases

25/05/2005: Prof. Christoph Bruder, University of Basel
Cold atoms in optical lattices - a new many-body laboratory

27/04/2005: Prof. Stefan Scheidl, Koeln University
Quantum Phase Transitions of Frustrated Heisenberg Antiferromagnets: a Comprehensive Renormalization Approach

18/02/2005: Andreas Schnyder, ETHZ and PSI
Breakdown of the perturbative renormalization group at certain quantum critical points

16/02/2005: Dr. Antoine Praz, PSI
The Quantum Hall System at Half-Filling

11/02/2005: Dr. Simon Brugger, ETHZ
Inverse scattering operators: Theory and applications

18/01/2005: Prof. Daniel Cabra, Universite de Strasbourg
Quantum kagome antiferromagnet in a magnetic field: Low-lying non-magnetic excitations versus valence-bond crystal order