CMT seminar/journal club

Our seminar series provides a forum in which internal and external scientists present and discuss their work with members of the theory group. It usually takes place on Tuesdays at 11am in WHGA/121. The organizer and contact person is Markus Müller.

Past seminars since 2017

Seminars before 2017

Date Speaker
23rd Feb 2016 M. Müller (PSI)
1st Mar 2016 F. Essler (Oxford)
8th Mar 2016 R. Süsstrunk (ETHZ)
15th Mar 2016 A. Rosso (LPTMS, Orsay)
22nd Mar 2016 W. Huang (McMaster)
5th Apr 2016 L. Heyderman (PSI)
12th Apr 2016 V. Ros (SISSA, Trieste)
19th Apr 2016 S. Johnson (ETHZ)
26th Apr 2016 T. Fennell (PSI)
3rd May 2016 B. Norman (PSI, Renmin University of China)
10th May 2016 A. Mishchenko (RIKEN)
10th May 2016 14:00 Special seminar S. Diehl (Universität Kön)
31st May 2016 B. Batlogg (ETH Zürich)
7th or 8th June 2016 S. Balatsky (NORDITA / Los Alamos)
21st June W. Chen (ETH Zürich)
16th Aug 2016 W. De Roeck (Leuven)
23rd Aug 2016 Ch. Mudry (PSI)
29th Aug 2016 Y. Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
30th Aug 2016 D. Abanin (Geneva)
16th Sep 2016 (Fr!) K. Tham (ETHZ)
28th Sep 2016 (15:00; Wed!) M. Grimm (Uni Basel)
18th Oct 2016 (11:30 WGBG 019) R. Moessner (MPIPKS Dresden)
25th Oct 2016 W. Zwerger (TU München)
2nd Nov 2016 (Wed!) T. Jung (PSI)
15th Nov 2016 S. Schmidt (ETHZ)
29th Nov 2016 N. Laflorencie (Toulouse)
13th Dec 2016 B. Normand (PSI)